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User Interface: The Next Wave

Far removed from the radical development of Macintosh, User Interface (UI) once consisted of one mouse, one screen, and one human. While we’ve witnessed the shift from text to graphics, it may be too far-fetched to imagine the future of interface through the use of gestures. Or, is it? Motion-sensing devices (Wii remote, Kinect, and PlayStation) suggest that the future is not one to be dominated by taps and clicks. Rather, the next wave of User Interface is one with improved data and space, 3 dimensional navigation, and sensing abilities.

When we talk about User Interface (UI), we are referencing the dynamic between person and computer. The computer responds to the person through graphics, texts and sound. In recent years, new ideas have revolutionized interface, involving the use of touch, voice and gestures through the emergence of Smartphones, Siri, and Microsoft Kinect. Still in its early stages, these advancements do offer a few clues about the direction of user interface.

Turning the corner from 2 dimensional User Interface to a real-worldish relationship between computer and user will hinge on the introduction of the z-axis. The z-axis will give the computer sensing abilities, increasing the number of functions that can be mapped to body movements through special gloves or props. Some argue that this represents the future of analytics, organization, and sorting information. For others, it means that, for once, they can wave a magic wand and create an in-depth relationship that is meaningful.

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Are Your Old Cell Phones and Tablets Worth Money?

If you are like most mobile device owners, you have a small, or large, collection of old cell phones and tablets around your home. With new technology constantly changing, many people upgrade to the hottest new model of phone or tablet every one or two years. While your old smartphones and tablets may not be worth much to you, they can still be worth money. 

Due to the high cost of buying a new phone, many people are looking to repair their existing phone or buy a newly refurbished model. This means that old cell phone you tossed into the closet or shoved into a desk drawer could be worth money to cell phone repair or refurbishing companies. Why let those old devices take up room in your home when you can sell them for some extra cash? 

Top Used Mobile Devices to Sell

In most cases, almost any smartphone is worth some amount of money at many cell phone repair companies that buy old mobile devices. However, there are some that are worth more than others due to their popularity and usefulness. Some of the higher valued old phones and tablets include: 

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 

The good news is that they don’t have to be in excellent condition to fetch a decent price. Even devices that are damaged or don’t even work anymore can still be worth money. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, especially if it is an iPad that has been refurbished to its former glory. 

If you have old cell phones or tablets lying around your home, don’t wait for them to lose their value. Call your local cell phone repair store to see if they buy old mobile devices and get some extra cash for responsibly recycling them.

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Want to Sell Your Old iDevice?

Well you finally were able to get that newest iphone or ipad that you have been wanting since Apple announced it.  Once all of the data has been transferred to the new device, the next decision is what to do with the old device.  Options include giving it away, throwing it into a drawer to store as a backup.  Another option is to sell it and get cash for it! 

In addition to being able to sell your old iphone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5c and 5s, it is also possible to sell your ipad 1,2,3 Mini and new Air as well as your ipod Touch 2,3 and 4.  The exact purchase price varies due to condition, as well as the capacity and functions and capabilities of the device.  

The condition of your device includes “just like new”, “normal wear”, “only a cracked screen” and “pretty beat up”.   A device “just like new”, is new out of the box, has no scratches, marks or dents and in perfect condition.  “Normal wear” is used to describe a device that is still in good shape, has few scratches, but no cracks and all buttons properly work.  “Only a cracked screen” describes a device that has a cracked screen, the buttons work, the device still functions properly and it has never been wet. 

A device “pretty beat up”, cannot be turned on, has a cracked screen and has gotten wet at some point.  It is important to remember that no matter the age or condition of your old ipod, ipad or iphone, it still has value and the first step to take in getting your money is to call!

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