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Winter Repairs for Your Pool Deck

Posted in Swimming Pools

Why wait to schedule repairs or maintenance for your pool deck until spring or summer? Winter is the perfect time to update your pool deck. The last thing you want during swimming season is construction or repairs happening in your pool area. Here are a few projects to consider getting done during the winter so your pool area is ready to go when the warm weather comes back around. 

  • Cleaning and maintenance. A thorough cleaning and inspection can be done during the winter without it infringing on your pool time. This is a good time to look for any issues that could become problems down the road and have them repaired.
  • Need a paver replaced or concrete repaired? Get those repairs done now when hanging out by the pool is the last thing on your mind. You want your pool deck to look great and be safe once the warmer temperatures arrive.
  • Have you been noticing pools of water forming around your pool deck? Fix those drainage issues before they cause damage or create a safety hazard.
  • Pool deck renovations. Beat the rush in the spring when everyone is calling to have their pool deck renovated. Talk to your local paving contractor about installing a new pool deck this winter when the industry is slower. Consider a new paver pool deck for beauty, durability and excellent drainage.

Now is the time to get your pool deck in tip-top shape for the summer swimming season. Call your local pool deck paving experts to schedule maintenance, repairs or a full replacement before the summer season is here. This way, your pool area will be ready to go if spring weather arrives early.

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Tri County Pavers & Design
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5 Golf Cart Safety Tips

Posted in Golf Carts

Golf carts may be smaller in size and go slower than many motorized vehicles, but they still need to be driven with care. Injuries can happen when you do not follow the correct safety procedures when you are using a golf or utility cart for transportation. To ensure you have a safe ride, keep this five safety tips in mind before you get behind the wheel of your golf cart.

  1. Never stand while the golf cart is in motion. It only takes a slight bump to throw off your balance if you stand up in a moving golf cart. The driver and passengers should remain seated whenever the cart is in motion.
  2. Follow speed limits and recommendations. Although golf carts are not speedy vehicles, you should still adhere to the recommended speed limits. Going too fast can lead to tipping around corners or endanger pedestrians.
  3. Adhere to weight and passenger limits. Your golf cart has weight and passenger restrictions for a reason. Too much weight can impact the performance, especially when you need to turn or brake.
  4. Follow driving rules and regulations. Signaling, sober driving, seatbelts and eliminating distractions are all rules that need to be followed when driving a golf cart. If you are on the road, adhere to all the same laws and regulations for vehicles and drivers.
  5. Keep your golf cart maintained. Just like any vehicle, proper maintenance on your golf cart is important for safety. Make sure you have the tires and brakes inspected, and tune-ups performed as specified by the manufacturer.

Golf carts are an economical, eco-friendly form of transportation that can be safe when you follow these tips. Talk to your local golf cart service company to schedule ongoing maintenance and to get more tips on safety.

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Turn Your Garage into the Ultimate Shop with Metal Fabrication

Is your garage neat, with every tool, piece of equipment and hardware put in its place? If you already possess an organized shop area in your garage, you are one of the few. Tool chests and workbenches can help you organize, but retail options are not tailored to your space, tools or needs. If you want the ultimate shop for your home projects, consider hiring a metal fabricator to build the cabinets and workbenches you need. Here are a few benefits of customized metal fabrication for your home shop:

  • Make the most of your space. Your metal fabricator can help you to design storage and work areas that are customized to your space. If you have limited area, shelves and cabinets can be built to use the vertical space that often goes unused.
  • The right size storage for your needs. Do you have specialized tools that don’t always fit into standard spaces? Have customized storage areas created for your tools that need a dedicated space.
  • Get high-quality metal equipment that will last. When metal equipment is fabricated for your shop, you know each piece is designed and created with precision and care. Unlike cheaper mass-manufactured shop equipment, you will own quality metal work that is worth the investment.
  • Design options. Make your shop look great by adding your individual style to your crafted metal. Metal fabricators are artists and can incorporate the design you prefer.

Treat yourself to a quality workshop in your garage. Contact your local welder or metal fabricator to learn more about designing a customized work area for the ultimate shop right at home.

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LCG Welding, LLC
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Benefits of Using SBR Products

Do you use SBR rubber products for your business? If you are in manufacturing or many industrial fields, there is a good chance you should. SBR is an acronym for styrene-butadiene rubber, a synthetic form of rubber that is used in many product line applications. While natural rubber is still used to make many of the same type of products, there are benefits to choosing SBR components for your business. Here are a few of those benefits:

  • Cost is always a factor when you are purchasing components. SBR products can save money over natural rubber. Every penny affects your bottom line, so if you can find a quality part for less money, it is always a benefit to your business.
  • SBR is used to create a wide variety of products, from o-rings and pads to conveyor belts and hoses. Almost anything that can be made from natural rubber can also be made from SBR.
  • Temperature. One of the biggest benefits of SBR is its resistance to extreme temperatures. Whether it is used in below freezing conditions or in temperatures above 200 degrees, it can function and perform as required.
  • SBR can withstand an immense amount of abuse. It holds up well to abrasion; also, it has respectable tensile strength. It also is water resistant, which can be important in many applications.

Like any industrial component, you want the highest quality at the best price when it comes to rubber. You also want to ensure it meets the needs for durability and performance for your application. To learn more about SBR products, talk to a reputable supplier of industrial rubber components to find out if you can save money by switching to SBR parts.

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5 Reasons to Visit Your Local Cell Phone Repair Store

Do you own an iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy or a combination of these devices? If you do, you need to check out your local cell phone repair store. Most major malls and large retail outlets have a cell phone repair place that can offer many services you may not realize. Even if your device is working great, stop in and see what they offer. You may be surprised to find out they do much more than just repair cell phones. Here are five reasons to learn more about what your local store offers.

  1. Many cell phone repair places have great accessories in stock for your device. While it may not be their focus, you can often find a great screen protector or case for your iPhone.
  2. Cash for old devices. Many cell phone repair shops also buy old iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices. Get some money for those old phones hiding in drawers around your home.
  3. Mobile service. Next time you see a cell phone repair shop, stop in and ask if they offer mobile service. Some repair companies will come to you when you phone or tablet needs repair.
  4. Computer repair. Did you know some cell phone repair shops also do fast repairs on computers? Find out if they work on your brand.
  5. Warrantied repairs. Ask about their warranty on cell phone, tablet and computer repairs. Many have excellent warranties so you can rest assured your device will be repaired with quality parts and expertise.

You never know when you will need the services of a quality cell phone repair shop. Stop in and find out more about what they offer next time you see one during your travels.

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Gift Ideas for the Smartphone Lover

Ever since the iPhone hit the market in 2007, smartphones have flooded the cell phone industry. It seems like everyone has a smartphone, whether it is an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or another popular brand/model. So, when it comes time to buy a gift for the holidays, birthdays or even anniversaries, why not find an accessory for the smartphone lover in your life? All you need to know if what kind of phone they have…if you ask them about their phone, they will probably tell you more than you wanted to know! Once you have the make and model, you can easily find a great gift for them. Here are some ideas: 

  • Headphones. Have a music-loving smartphone user on your gift list? Look for some wireless headphones that will let them enjoy their playlist wherever they are.
  • Customized covers. Give your special someone a customized cover or case for their phone. You can use a photo or choose from many different designs, colors and styles. A smartphone case is a thoughtful and unique gift that your friend or family member will love.
  • Selfie-stick. Have a teen on your list? Get them a fun selfie-stick so they can capture special moments with their friends.
  • Bluetooth speaker. Compact Bluetooth speakers are a great way to turn a smartphone into a stereo. This is a great gift for the active socialite.

Smartphone accessories are a wonderful gift option for people on your list of all ages, from the teenager to the tech-savvy grandma. Visit your local cell phone accessory retail outlet to check out all the latest tech-forward accessories for all the smartphone users on your gift list – you might also see something you need for your phone as well.

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5 Benefits to Updating the Windows in Your Home

When considering investing in home improvements, you want to put money into areas that will give you the most benefits. If you have older windows, updating them to newer models can have more value than you might realize. Here are five benefits of updating your old windows for your next home improvement project.

  1. Energy saving. Let’s start with how new windows can save you money. Did you know upgrading to energy efficient windows can save up to $500 a year in energy costs? In just a few years they can pay for themselves with their insulating properties. Plus, energy efficient windows add to the value of your home.
  2. Curb appeal. There are many beautiful design options in the window industry. You may be surprised how new windows can enhance your home’s curb appeal.
  3. Not only does poor insulation in your windows affect your energy costs, it also changes your comfort level. Drafts can be eliminated with the addition of new windows in your home.
  4. Old windows can stick or have issues opening. Get back full function with new windows that work as they should.
  5. Humidity issues. Do you see condensation on your old windows? That excess water can lead to humidity issues in your home. High humidity can lead to mold problems, an expensive and dangerous issue to have in your home.

New windows are a safe and wise investment into your home. Talk to your local home contractor that offers window replacement. Make sure to ask about energy efficient options that will save you money and add to the value of your home.

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Why Damaged Chimneys are Dangerous

Posted in Masonry

Your chimney is essential to allowing you to have a fireplace inside your home and still have breathable air. It allows smoke to escape and air to feed the fire in small doses. However, if you have a masonry chimney that has begun to lean or shows signs of damage, it may be putting your home and family in danger. Chimney repairs are not something you should procrastinate about fixing as they can potential be harmful, even when you are not using your fireplace.

Masonry chimneys can last for many decades when maintained. Occasional cleanings and small repairs to bricks is often all that is needed to keep them safe and intact. However, they do depend on a solid foundation to stay stable; sinking foundations can cause a leaning chimney that can come crashing down at any time. In addition, you can have a small chimney fire without knowing it that can damage the masonry from the inside out.

Once the integrity of the chimney is compromised, it becomes a dangerous element in your home. Single bricks can topple, endangering those below, or the entire chimney could fall, putting your family and home at risk. If the interior has been damaged, there is a higher chance that a small chimney fire can spread to the rest of your home instead of being contained inside the flue walls.

Considering the dangers, it is never a good idea to put off a chimney repair. If you notice your chimney is leaning or has cracks, call a masonry expert for an inspection. It is not worth the risk to your home and family – get your chimney repaired as quickly as possible.

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A Quick History of the Golf Cart

Posted in Golf Carts

Nowadays, you see golf carts everywhere, not just on the golf course. Businesses use them for quick, economical transportation on large properties, even inside buildings. They are easy to use, affordable to maintain and a great asset for airports, parks and other businesses. Even homeowners and working farms have harnessed the power of the golf cart for local transportation. Millions of carts are used every day, all starting with a big idea over 60 years ago. Here is a quick history of the popular golf cart.

  • World War II. The idea for a small electric vehicle started in World War II during gas rationing. Merle Williams begin tinkering with the idea of a small vehicle for women to use for grocery shopping.
  • The first golf cart that was produced was in 1951 in Redlands, CA by Marketeer Company, owned by Merle Williams.
  • Golf cart boom. The popularity of the golf cart was almost immediate after the first was produced. By the end of the 1950’s, E-Z Go, LEKTRO, Cushman and Club Car all began selling these versatile electric carts.
  • 1970’s. Up until the 1970’s, most golf carts had only three wheels with a tiller-type steering device. In the 1970’s, the golf cart design evolved to four-wheels. Also, gas-powered carts began to emerge and become popular.
  • 1980’s. Golf carts began finding their way off the course and into other areas of business throughout the 1980’s. Club Car and Yamaha began designing carts for utility and personal transportation.
  • 1990’s. More features and innovations began emerging as large corporations began buying the smaller companies and expanding, bringing us the into the 2000’s.

There has been sixty-plus years that have led up to the amazing options available in the golf cart industry. To see the latest options, stop by your local golf cart dealer.

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5 Advantages of Pavers Over Concrete

Posted in Paving

Whether you are installing a new driveway, patio, pool deck or sidewalk, there are two common paving options to choose from: pavers or concrete. Concrete is the cheaper option in most cases, but that does not mean it should be an automatic choice. While both will give you a stable surface, there are advantages to using pavers, including these five.

  1. Pavers come in a variety of materials and design options that can create a beautiful surface. Circles, geometric designs and herringbone patterns are just some of the possibilities.
  2. Maintenance. Pavers are simple to maintain, requiring very little cleaning, sealing or other care to keep them looking great. Concrete can crack, need sealing or stain easily, requiring more maintenance and repair.
  3. Repair. Cracks, chips or stains are much easier to repair when you have a paver surface versus concrete. A single paver can be replaced without needing to repair the entire surface. Pavers often need fewer repairs than concrete as they are not a solid surface that can crack under pressure.
  4. Drainage. Pavers can offer better drainage than concrete that may allow water to settle on the surface. This is especially important for pool decks and driveways.
  5. While concrete may be less expensive, pavers can add more value to your home. A paver driveway, patio or pool deck is an upscale option that can enhance the value of your home.

If you have a new paved surface on your wish list, consider the advantages of using pavers. Whether you choose brick, natural stone or concrete pavers, it can be an excellent investment in your home. Make sure to use an experienced paving contractor to complete your project for the best results.

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Tri County Pavers & Design
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