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Crash Barriers that Add Character

Protecting your business with crash barriers and bollards does not need to be boring. While these installations have an important purpose, they can also be stylish and add character to your property. Say goodbye to the traditional, bland bollard and opt for crash barriers that stand out. Here are some ideas to make your crash barriers look great while they keep your building, customers and employees safe.

Colors that Pop

You do not need to have dull metal, black or silver bollards. Make your crash barriers bright and bold with colors that pop. They can be customized to match your brand or just colorful to bring attention to your business. Not only will they keep out unwanted vehicles, they can make your business stand out. Consider geometric designs, primary colors or fun flowers; you can protect your property and still look trendy at the same time.

Custom Designs

Crash barriers can be made in a variety of shapes and forms. Instead of buying the standard bollard, talk to a custom metal fabricator that can custom design your crash barrier to match your style. Be creative – the traditional pole could be diamond shaped or an oval instead. There are no rules that you have must have boring bollards in front of your business; use this opportunity to add some flare to the front of your building or space.

Make your building or commercial space safe while adding a little style when adding crash barriers. Talk to your local custom crash barrier contractor to discuss fun ideas to add character while protecting your property. There are many creative options available when you choose to customize your bollards for your business.

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What is a Cold Cure Conveyor Repair?

Posted in Conveyor Belts

When the cover or carcass components of a conveyor belt is damaged, replacement is not always necessary. There are repair options available, including a cold cure repair. This option replaces the needed materials and “cold cures” them into place. This can create a seamless repair to the belt to extend the life; it also is a quick solution when you want to limit impact on your production.

There are two methods used to adhere new belt materials for repair: vulcanized and cold cure. Both secure the new materials in place, but each uses a different method. Vulcanized repairs use heat and pressure to repair the belt. Cold cure uses chemicals to complete the repair and is best for repairs to belts that are gouged, worn or have scoring.

Completing a Cold Cure Repair

It is important to have expertise and patience when completing a cold cure conveyor belt repair. The damaged area must be carefully trimmed to remove all the damage and the new patch or replacement material must to cut to match. With cold curing, it is important to have a dry, clean environment to ensure the cement and putty will cure correctly. Once the new section is cemented in place, a roller can be used to smooth the surface. It is important to test the belt on a lower tension at a lower feed rate to ensure the repair will hold before returning to regular operation.

While cold cure repairs can extend the life of your belt, they must be carefully completed to hold. Having a reliable conveyor service company that can repair or replace belts as needed on-call is important to ensure your production line keeps moving.

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Quick Restoration for Your Wood Fence

Has your wood fence lost its luster? While wood fencing can be a beautiful and functional addition to your home, it does require maintenance to keep it in good shape. Exposure to the elements can affect the wood, causing it to oxidize and collect mildew and moss. If your wood fencing has turned gray, green or is streaked with black mildew, it can detract from the beauty of your home. The good news is that a quick cleaning can bring it back to its former glory.

Pressure washing can remove the dirt, mildew and moss from your wood, and bring back the natural brown color. This is a quick process that can make a dingy wood fence look like new again in one afternoon. Once the wood has been cleaned and dried, adding stain, sealant or both can give it the protection it needs to stay beautiful for years to come.

Pressure Washing Wood Fences

While pressure washing is a quick solution to restore wood fencing, it does come with drawbacks. If done incorrectly, wood fence pressure washing can damage the fence. Many fences are made with cedar or pine planks, a softer wood that can be damaged with improper use of a pressure washer. Too high of pressure or placing the wand too close to the wood can splinter the surface.

To make sure your fence is cleaned, not damaged, it is worthwhile to hire a professional for your fence cleaning. They have the experience and equipment to quickly clean your wood fence, decking and other outdoor wood structures without damaging the surfaces. You can sit back and relax while they restore your fence and make it look like new again.

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How to Make Brick Look New Again

Do you have a brick home, fencing, driveway or other structure that is beginning to look worse for the wear? While new or well-maintained brick offers a classic, luxury appearance, it loses its appeal when it become dirty or stained. Brick does require ongoing maintenance to protect it from damage and to keep it looking its best. If you have brick that is mildewed, stained or covered with a white film, it needs cleaning. You can bring your old brick back to life again with a simple day of pressure washing.

Brick usually does not require chemicals or tough cleaners to clean. Plain water is usually all it needs to strip away mildew, dirt, moss and even efflorescence (the white film that can accumulate on the surface).  A tough stain may require a mild soap and water, but in most cases, water and gentle scrubbing are all you need to bring out the natural beauty of your brick work.

Risks of High Water Pressure to Brick

While pressure washing brick with low pressure can remove most common contaminants on brick, you need to avoid high pressure. Too much water pressure can damage brick and mortar. You may chip away part of the brick or remove mortar, harming the structure. Repointing or new mortaring can be time-consuming and expensive. It is best to hire a professional to clean your brick using specialized low-pressure equipment that will clean without harming your structure.

Make your old brick look new again and improve the beauty of your home. Call your local pressure washing service to learn more about cleaning your brick to restore its classic appeal and protect it from damage.

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How to Get the Most Life Out of Your Smartphone

Remember when cell phones were free with your service? Every two years you could choose a free phone or receive one at a discounted price just for extending your contract. However, times have changed and so have cell phones and the price to own one. Some of the most popular smartphones can cost hundreds of dollars, even over a thousand in some cases. These are certainly not given away for free, which means you want to get the most life from your new smartphone as possible. Here are some tips:

  • Use protective gear. Cases are more than just bling for your cell phone. A sturdy, durable smartphone case and screen protector can limit the possible damage to your phone. Make sure to outfit your new smartphone with quality protective gear to keep it in good condition.
  • Waterproof? Even if your new smartphone claims to be waterproof, that waterproofing only goes so far. You still want to avoid water and moisture when using your phone and get it dried quickly if it does get wet.
  • Quality repairs. Replacing your cell phone due to damage is expensive. Repairs are the best way to extend the life of your smartphone. Find a quality cell phone repair shop that offers a dependable warranty and only uses quality components when fixing your smartphone to help maximize the life of your device.

You want your new smartphone to last until you are ready to opt for an upgrade. Make your first stop after getting your new phone to a cell phone accessory and repair shop. Get the right gear and check out their repair options to get the most life out of your new phone.

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Are Low E Windows Counterproductive in Winter?

Low E windows, E standing for emissivity, are considered the most efficient windows due to their ability to reflect heat. The glass is covered with a thin metallic substance that reflects heat, helping improve the climate control in the home. While this makes sense during a hot summer, does it also work in the winter? The quick answer is yes, but only if you have a contractor that installs them correctly.

It may seem that low E glass would be counterproductive in the winter. If it reflects the sun, it also would reflect the heat that can be gained when trying to warm your home. However, there are different types of low E windows and different options for installation. For those that have cold winters, considering a lower U-factor is also important, which helps keep heat in, on top of low E windows. For installation:

  • Warmer climates. If the goal is to keep heat out, the low E glass should be put on the exterior window to reflect the heat from the sun, helping to keep the home cooler.
  • Colder climates. For colder winters, you want the low E glass to be installed on the interior windows, reflecting heat back inside to lower heating costs.

Low E windows can be beneficial, allowing light in, but reducing lost cool air during the summer and lost warm air during the winter. However, it is just one of several factors to consider when installing new windows. U-factor. SHGC, VT and CR are other considerations when picking your new windows. Talk to your contractor to learn more about what all these options mean and to determine the best windows for your home’s energy efficiency.

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Signs Your Bay Window Needs Repairing

Bay windows add light and beauty to your home, but they can also be one of the first structural areas to become unstable. These heavy windows need a solid structure to support their weight. If there is any settling in the foundation or other structural issues in your home, your bay windows may be the first area to alert you to a problem. Here are some signs that your bay windows, and possibly your foundation, may need repair.

  • Windows are hard to open/close. If the structure is unlevel around your windows, they are likely to be hard to open or close. If it is only your bay windows, not other windows in your home, that are not functioning, you may only need structural support for your heavy bay windows.
  • Cracks in corners. Are there cracks appearing in the corners around your bay window? This could be from the window settling due to lack of support, or you may have structural or foundation issues in your home.
  • Visible sagging. If the window frames are sagging or the entire bay window seems to sag when you view it from the exterior, call a foundation and bay window repair company. The window may be unstable and needs immediate inspection for safety.

Bay windows often are installed without the necessary support, leading to structural issues. They can also become unstable or unlevel due to problems with your home’s foundation. If you notice any of these signs, call a foundation contractor that also offers bay window repairs. They can inspect your bay windows and home’s foundation to determine where the problem is and suggest the best repair option to protect your home.

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Top 3 Tips on How to Maintain Your New Pavers

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Are you thinking of investing in a new paver driveway, patio or pool deck, or just had one installed by a local contractor? Pavers are an excellent choice to add beauty and value to your home, and as a bonus, they are easy to maintain. While pavers do not require extensive maintenance, they will last longer and keep their beauty if you do keep up with a few upkeep tasks. Here are the top three tips to maintain new pavers to get the most from your investment.

  1. Keep them clean. Oil, chemicals, dirt and moss can all have an impact on your new pavers. They are simple to clean; just sweep away dirt and debris as needed, then hose them off or gently pressure wash them when spills or grime accumulate.
  2. Sealant. Sealing your pavers will give them a nice shine and protect them from stains. Talk to your paving contractor about sealant and how often it is recommended for your type of pavers and region.
  3. Repairs. Repairing a paver surface is much easier and less expensive than many other types of paved surfaces. Individual pavers can be removed and replaced as needed if they are chipped or cracked. However, procrastinating on replacing a cracked or broken paver can lead to more damage on surrounding pavers. Make sure to call your paver contractor right away to have a broken paver replaced.

Congratulations on choosing one of the most beautiful options for paving. With a little upkeep and maintenance, your new paver driveway, pool deck, patio or walkway can last for many years and add value to your home.

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When Is a Good Time to Get a Golf Cart Tune Up?

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Like any vehicle, golf carts need regular maintenance to keep them in good running condition and to extend the life of the motor. Tune-ups are important, and should be done at least once a year. But is there a better time of year to do a tune-up? Yes and no, depending on how often and when you use your golf cart.

Seasonal Use

Golf carts are used for many activities beyond golf. Many times, this is a seasonal use. If you use your golf cart for a true golfing-mobile, you may only use it in the summer in some climates. For those who have a golf cart for hunting excursions, it may be primarily in the fall. When you only use your golf cart for part of the year, it is best to tune-up at the end of the season before you put it away for storage.

Year-Round Use

If you use your golf cart year-round for personal transportation, golfing or for your business, you can schedule your annual tune-up whenever it is convenient. It doesn’t matter the season, so long as you keep on top of the maintenance. Your local golf cart dealer can perform your tune-up, brake check, oil changes (if needed) and other maintenance for you to save you the trouble of trying to do it all yourself.

Gas and electric golf carts need different types of maintenance and tune-ups, so it is important to check your owner’s manual or talk with your local dealer about a maintenance checklist for your cart. The time of year you get your golf cart maintenance and repairs done is not as important as ensuring it does get completed every year.

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Window Grates: An Old-World Look

Want to give your home or business an old-world look? Metal window grates can add beauty and security to your windows. When customized with an intricate design, window grates are a lovely accent that can differentiate your building, whether it is your home or a commercial enterprise.

“Old-world style” can mean different things to different people. However, the most commonly thought of designs when it comes to window grates are from architecture from European countries. There are many elaborate homes and buildings throughout Italy, France and the Mediterranean that are excellent examples of the lavish style that is often termed “old-world.” Window grates or grilles are one accent you will see in many of these buildings, and a wonderful addition to modern homes and businesses to give them a classic appeal.

Grilles and window grates can be designed to cover any type of window and add an elegant style. Here are some ideas for window grate designs that can bring that old-world style to your windows:

  • Simple cross pattern, sectioning the window into four parts
  • Curved patterns with detailed designs
  • Diamond or geometric designs to cover windows or doors
  • Distressed metals to give the grates or grilles an antique appearance.

While there are some window and door companies that offer limited options for grates and grilles, they may not come in the size or shape you desire. For a unique, customized approach, having your window grates made and designed by a custom metal fabricator can give you a look that is personalized for your building. It can make a grand statement and add value to your property with an old-world style that adds a touch of class.

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