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Extend the Life of Your Golf Cart Battery

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If you have an electric golf cart, caring for the battery is vital to getting the most out of your investment. Not only is it the sole source of energy for your cart, replacing the battery can be expensive. Knowing how to properly charge for your battery can make it last longer and perform better. Here are some tips to care for your golf cart battery to extend the life and get the most out of your money.

  • Understand the limits of your battery. A golf cart battery is under much more strain than a typical vehicle battery. It is not recharged as you go, so when the juice runs out, it is completely dead. Plan your excursions around the typical battery life so it does not become completely drained or leave you stranded. Completely discharging a battery or even to below 80% can affect the life span.
  • Recharge completely. After each use, recharge the battery to full capacity. This is extremely important to improve the battery life so you get the most out of your investment. Even if you only use it for a short period, recharge after use.
  • Use a single outlet for charging. Do not plug your battery charger into an outlet that is being used for another electrical appliance. This can disturb the electrical flow to the battery.

Charging your battery the correct way is one way to get the most out of it and your golf cart. It also will need to be regularly cleaned and water added according to the manufacturer or dealer recommendations. Call your local golf cart dealer to learn more about maintaining your entire golf cart, including battery maintenance.

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Invest in Unique Custom Metal Fabrication

If you are building a new home or business, metal components may be on your list to complete your project. Whether you are considering metal cabinets for the garage or a metal staircase for your new apartment building, you will be in the market to purchase metal components. While there are many metal products that are available that are mass produced, consider the benefits of investing in unique customized metal components through a fabricator.

Welding or metal fabricating is a specialized trade that has been around for centuries. Changing the shape of metal through heat is an art form, from the blacksmiths of old to our modern metal fabricators. These craftsmen can build almost any structure from metal to customized specifications. This gives you access to a product that is like no other and built for your project.

Mass produced metal products tend to use cheap materials and production lines to keep their prices low. While you may save a little money initially, they are not built to last like a handmade fabricated piece. Put quality in and you will get quality out; that is always the case in construction and is especially true with metal components.

If you want a unique stairway, railing, cabinet or counter for your building project, contact a local metal fabricator. You can have them design a component that will be well-made and functional for your needs. You can also get specific designs and artwork done such as initials, logos or other embellishments for a creative touch. Before you buy a manufactured metal piece, find out more about customized metal fabrication and how it can enhance your new home or business.

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Importance of a Quality Timing Belt Supplier

If you run a manufacturing facility, productivity is the lifeline of your business. One piece of equipment coming to a halt can quickly add up to thousands of dollars of lost revenue when productivity is affected. This is why equipment maintenance is essential to protect the bottom line, especially when it comes to one small part that can have a big impact: timing belts.

Almost every piece of heavy machinery has a timing belt. From standard and metric timing belts to the V-belt that is in every manufacturing plant in the country, these belts keep your production line moving. However, they need maintenance and proactive replacement to ensure they continue to do their job day in and day out. It is essential to have your timing belts regularly inspected and replaced when needed to avoid an expensive failure.

Even with regular maintenance, timing and V-belts can fail. When this happens, you need to have a quality timing belt supplier that can get you the belt you need right away. This can be more difficult than it sounds. If you have a hodge-podge of different types of manufacturing equipment, you may have many different types of timing belts you use. Choose a timing belt supplier that offers the following advantages to ensure they will have what you need, when you need it:

  • Metric and standard timing belts
  • V-belts in every variety
  • Troubleshooting expertise
  • Immediate shipping for belt orders

To avoid costly shutdowns, consider talking to your timing belt supplier about ordering extra belts for all your equipment. They can help you determine which belts you need so that when the time comes for replacement, you will be ready.

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Caring for Your Mobile Devices

Smartphones and tablets enhance our lives, keeping us connected wherever we are. We use them for work, school and play, which is why if one gets damaged it can send our life into a tailspin. While accidents happen, there are ways to protect your precious iPhones, iPads and other devices. Get the most life out of your newest device by following these tips for care. 

  • Cover and protect. Smartphones and tablets are too expensive to leave unprotected. Since they go wherever you do, they need armor to protect the delicate screen and case. Invest in a quality cover or case with a screen protector as soon as possible. It only takes one drop on tile, cement or asphalt to shatter your device. If you are active, opt for a case that is rugged for the best protection.
  • Don’t overcharge. One of the most common mistakes people make with their phones and tablets is leaving them on their charger. Not only can this detract from the battery lifespan, there have been instances of fires caused from devices left plugged in.
  • Water protection. If you will be near the pool or out on a body of water, put your device inside a waterproof plastic bag. A large clear plastic bag that seals will allow you to still see and use your device while protecting it from water damage.

Caring for your smartphones and tablets can help ensure they last – at least until you decide it is time to upgrade to the newest model. However, if your device does get damaged, there are local repair shops that can fix your device the same day so you never need to be without your beloved device for long.

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Protecting Your Personal Information on Your Mobile Device

It isn’t just large corporations that need to worry about hackers. Everyday smartphone and tablet users could be at risk of having their personal information stolen. If you consider how much you do through your mobile device such as banking, online purchases and account setup, you should be aware of how to protect that personal information. Here are a few tips to keep your information safe on your mobile devices.

  • Use secure passwords and PINs. Don’t use the same passwords and PINs for all your different accounts. This makes it too easy for a cybercriminal to gain access to several accounts. Create unique, strong access codes for each of your devices and accounts.
  • Be careful of public Wi-Fi. It is cost effective and convenient to use public Wi-Fi in restaurants, motels, airports and other places. It is also a hot bed for cybercriminals looking to steal personal information. Do not send account numbers, personal information or anything you want protected over a public Wi-Fi system.
  • Recycling your device. When it comes time to upgrade to a new device, make sure you wipe your device clean of any personal information. Remove the SIM card if it has one and adhere to the manufacturers recommendations for permanently removing all personal information. This includes your phonebook, pictures, emails, texts and any other information you have stored on your device. When recycling or selling, go to a reputable store that buys old devices instead of a private buyer. They will also ensure that all information is removed for your safety.

Keep your personal information safe on your mobile devices to prevent identity theft and criminal misuse of your private data. A little prevention can save you a big headache later if your information is hacked through your phone or tablet.

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What Is the Best Roofing for Your Needs?

Posted in Roofing

If it is time to replace your roof or you are building a new home, you have a big decision to make. What kind of roofing will best meet your needs? There are many options available, all with their own benefits and disadvantages. To make an educated choice, consider the breakdown on the common roof materials available.

Asphalt Shingles

The most commonly used roofing is asphalt shingles. This is an affordable option that usually will last approximately 20-30 years, with some lifetime or 50-year options available. While common, asphalt shingles are not the most durable or longest lasting material, yet still are preferred by many homeowners and roofing companies.

Wood Shingles

Cedar shingles or wood stakes are another option for your roof. Considered a ‘green’ option since they do not use petroleum-based products, these shingles have grown more popular in the environmentally-friendly market. Most wood roof products will last about 30 years and are a durable, beautiful option, but can require more maintenance and are more expensive than asphalt.


There are many different types of metal roofs, from the cheaper aluminum varieties to the more durable steel roof shingles. These roofs can last upward of 70 years, depending on the type. They are also fire-resistant and can withstand heavy abuse during storms.


A tile roof can be a beautiful option that lasts 50-100 years. Both ceramic and slate tile are popular in upscale homes. The aesthetic value is high, as is the cost in both installation and repairs.

Where you live, your budget and your priorities will have a big impact on what type of roofing you choose. Talk to your local roofing contractor to determine which type is the best option for your needs.

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Buying a New Home? Don’t Forget the Chimney Inspection

Posted in Masonry

When you are searching for a new home, you want to ensure that this giant purchase is protected. It is standard to have a home inspection performed to understand any possible problems with the house. While this can cover many aspects from the foundation to the structural integrity, it does not cover everything. If your potential home has a fireplace and masonry chimney, add a high level chimney inspection to your list of ‘do’s” before you buy.During a standard home inspection, they will generally include an inspection the chimney for damage. However, this is a very basic look for any obvious problems. If the chimney is leaning or has visual damage to the structure, it will most likely be caught. However, big problems could be lurking under the surface of a chimney that looks structurally sound.

There are many different components in a chimney and factors that can affect the structure and safety. There are also different levels of chimney inspections that look at these components. Chimney inspections come in three levels, with number three being the most comprehensive. The levels include:

  • Level 1. A basic inspection of the accessible areas of the chimney for any problems, including the interior, exterior and connections.
  • Level 2. The next level goes above and beyond level 1 by also inspecting deeper into the chimney with a camera, plus other areas like the basement or attic. In many cases a level 2 is required for selling a home – check with your realtor.
  • Level 3. Level 3 is the most comprehensive inspection available, uncovering any structural issues that may be hiding inside the chimney.

Don’t risk an expensive chimney problem down the road. Insist on a level 3 chimney inspection by an experienced masonry company, especially on older homes with fireplaces, before you buy.

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5 People That Would Love a New Golf Cart

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When it comes to time to buy gifts, we can often can be stumped on what to buy. This is especially the case for the man or woman who seems to have everything they need. Whether you are shopping for Christmas, a birthday or an anniversary, there is one gift that could earn you some kudos from your loved one. A golf cart is an excellent gift for more than just golfers – here are five people that would to have a new golf cart.

  1. Have a loved one that is an avid hunter? Golf carts are an excellent option for scouting in the woods. Electric models are quiet, while gas motors can give a farther travel capacity.
  2. Disabilities. Those with bad knees, hips or foot problems can benefit from having a golf cart for their use for outdoor transportation.
  3. Outdoorsmen and women. Anyone who likes to enjoy time in the woods or outdoors will love having a golf cart for their adventures.
  4. A street-legal golf cart is excellent for local transportation in retirement communities. Retirees can use this green vehicle to visit friends, go to the clubhouse or hit the golf course.
  5. Farmers. Large tracts of land like farms are an ideal place for a golf cart. It is an excellent way to get around the property or to haul items from one building to another.

And of course, golfers are always happy to get a new golf cart with all the bells and whistles for their days out on the course. For you next gift purchase, consider the people in your life that would love a new golf cart for the ultimate surprise.

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Tips for a Complete Pool Remodel

Posted in Swimming Pools

During the sunshine and swimming season, your pool area is the busiest place around your home – a cool dip in morning, a refreshing swim in the late afternoon and many evenings relaxing on the pool deck with friends and family. If your pool area needs a remodel to get ready for the busy season ahead, here are some tips to make this popular spot spectacular.

  • One of the simplest ways to make your pool look new again is resurfacing. Adding a quality surface like Pebble Tac or Diamond Brite will make the surface safe for swimmers and soft on their feet while giving the pool a beautiful appearance.
  • Pool deck. Adding a new pool deck can change the entire appearance of your pool area. Tumbled marble pavers are a stunning choice for pool decks, with excellent drainage, a cool surface and fade resistance.
  • For a complete pool area remodel, you also need to incorporate the landscaping. Adding plants that compliment your pool area adds a natural touch and blends in your property with the pool space.
  • Features. Adding a water fall or wall to your pool can add sound and movement. Other features to consider are underwater lights, spot lighting and fire features. ‘These little elements can make your pool area the centerpieces of your home and are especially beautiful for nighttime entertaining by the poolside.

This year, be the envy of the neighborhood with a complete pool remodel. Call your local contractor that offers pool renovations, pool resurfacing, pool decks and landscaping – It is simpler when one contractor can do it all, from design to completion.

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Is a Golf Cart the Ultimate Dad Gift?

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Whether it is Christmas, a birthday or Father’s Day, dads are notoriously difficult to surprise with a good gift. For some reason, these male pillars of strength, advice and support are not easy to find a gift that really tickles their fancy. For the next special occasion that requires a gift for your dad, here is an idea. Consider buying him a golf cart. This is not just for golfers – many people can use a golf cart for personal transportation. Here are some dads that might appreciate their own golf cart.

  • Campers and RV owners. Have a dad that spends weeks traveling from campground to campground in their RV or just camps on the weekends? Golf carts are excellent for campgrounds, giving dad a quick way to jet down to the water or up to the campground store.
  • Retirement living. If your dad is retired and lives in a retirement community, a golf cart with a street legal kit could be an excellent gift. Dad can get around the neighborhood and to the clubhouse with an economical cart.
  • Dads that like to hunt, trap shoot or just go out in the woods to enjoy nature can use a golf cart. Choose a more rugged, gas model for longer trips into the wilderness.
  • Of course, if dad is a golfer, a golf cart is a perfect gift, especially if he doesn’t already have one of his own.

Golf carts are affordable and you can find quality used models at your local dealer. Next time it comes time to find the ultimate gift for dad, stop by and check out the possibilities at your local golf cart dealer.

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