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Top 3 Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Pressure Washing Needs

Does your driveway, deck or siding need cleaning? Pressure washing is the best way to clean most outdoor surfaces, but it does require some expertise. While operating a pressure washer may seem simple, there are good reasons to hire a professional to do your outdoor cleaning project, including these three benefits.

  1. Avoid Damage. Pressure washing can remove paint or damage surfaces if not done properly. Professional pressure washers know the power of their equipment and can adjust it to only remove dirt or debris, not the paint, stain or wood. This can prevent expensive damage to your home that cost more than hiring a professional.
  2. Safety. If you need your siding or roof cleaned, this can involve standing on a ladder or on your roof. This can be a safety issue and lead to an injury. Professional pressure washers have the experience and safety equipment to do these high-level jobs without injury. Make sure to check to ensure the company you hire has the proper insurance in case one of the workers is injured while working on your home.
  3. Environmental codes. In some municipalities, there are EPA regulations regarding gray water runoff from pressure washing. Professional pressure washing companies are equipped to use the correct procedures to dispose of gray water to avoid fines for breaking any regulations.

Next time you need a major cleaning project done on the outside of your home, consider the benefits of hiring a professional residential pressure washing company to do the job. Relax and let the experts do the project right to avoid damage, injury or other issues.

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Is it Safe to Pressure Wash Vinyl Siding?

One of the reasons vinyl siding is so popular is that it is easy to maintain. It doesn’t need to be stained or painted every few years; the vinyl is the same color all the way through the siding, so it won’t chip or flake. However, even though vinyl doesn’t need to be painted, it does need to be cleaned. Pressure washing is an ideal way to clean vinyl siding, but you need to know how to do it correctly to protect your home from damage. Here are a few tips:

  • Use soap, then rinse. A mild cleaner can help remove mildew or dirt from the siding. Make sure to use a cleaner that is safe for cleaning vinyl, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Don’t spray too closely. While vinyl siding can withstand pressure washing, full pressure at a close range can damage the siding instead of cleaning it. Step back a few feet to dissipate the extreme pressure to avoid damage.
  • Spray downwards. You don’t want to spray up under the lapped siding. Instead, spray downward to avoid loosening the siding.
  • Avoid fixtures. Eaves, light fixtures, vents and other accents on the house should be avoided. The high pressure could damage these fixtures.
  • Avoid windows. You need to be careful around windows. High pressured water can damage the trim around windows or even break the glass.

If you are concerned about safely pressure washing your vinyl siding, leave it to the professionals. Hiring a professional residential pressure washing company to clean your siding ensures it will be done correctly without damaging other exterior surfaces on your home. While they are there, you can have your roof, driveway, patio or other surfaces around your home cleaned as well.

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How to Maintain Your Paver Surface

Posted in Paver Driveways

One of the many benefits of using stone pavers for your pool deck, driveway or patio is the low amount of maintenance needed. Unlike many other paved surfaces, pavers are simple and easy to keep looking great for many years. However, although maintenance is low, caring for your pavers can make them look like new and last even longer. Here are a few maintenance tips to care for your stone pavers.

  • Cleaning. Stone pavers are simple and easy to keep clean. Most can be cleaned with plain water from a hose or pressure washed on a low setting. If there are any stains, use a mild detergent and scour the spots with a brush, then rinse clean.
  • Edging and weed control. If there are gaps in or around your paved surface, you may need to do occasion weed control to keep it looking neat. Pull any weeds, edge the outside area and treat to keep weeds at bay.
  • If erosion occurs under your paved area, some pavers can settle or heave up to make an unlevel surface. While a few pavers may need to be removed, this is another benefit of pavers versus a solid surface. Repairs are less expensive since the entire surface is not usually affected.
  • Repairs. Replace any pavers that are cracked or chipped. Your local paving company can quickly repair broken pavers to keep your patio, driveway or pool deck looking like new.

Stone paver driveways, patios and pool decks can last for decades if maintained. Keep your pavers clean and well cared for to protect your investment into your home. Scheduling annual maintenance through your paving contractor can ensure your surface is kept in great shape and gets the ongoing care it needs.

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Give Your Tired Joints a Rest with a New Golf Cart

Posted in Golf Carts

If you have bad knees, a weak hip or ankle issues, it can be painful to get from one place to the next. Walking to the neighbor’s house or to outbuildings on your own property can be difficult, if not impossible. Personal golf carts are a wonderful solution for those with joint or other medical issues like arthritis that make walking painful. More and more people with medical conditions are investing in golf carts for home use to give them more mobility.

Golf carts come in all types and sizes, from small electric models to larger gas carts that can take on rough terrain. For personal transportation, there is a couple factors to consider to determine what type of cart will be best for your needs. Some things to consider include:

  • How many people will it need to hold?
  • How far will you travel with your golf cart?
  • How many hours during the day will it be in use?
  • Will it be used on the roads?

Answering these questions can help you determine whether you should invest in an electric or gas model, the size you’ll need and if you need a street legal kit. Electric models are cost and energy efficient for short trips; however, if you plan on making longer excursions, a gas model may be a better option. Both come in a variety of sizes and can be converted to a street legal model if it is allowed where you live.

Your local golf cart dealer can help you find the right cart for your needs to give you the transportation you need to spare your aching joints. You deserve the chance to stay mobile and have a higher quality of life, which a personal golf cart can help you achieve.

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Extend the Life of Your Metal Staircase

Posted in Metal Stairs

Metal staircases are a wise investment for commercial properties, offering durability for heavy use. However, both indoor and outdoor metal stairs do wear out from exposure and heavy traffic. Avoid untimely replacement by restoring your metal staircase. A quick overhaul can add many years to the life of your staircase, protecting your investment.

Restoring Metal Staircases

Metal can withstand plenty of abuse from weather, chemicals and weight, but it will eventually corrode and weaken. Metal fatigue can occur in treads and support structures on your staircase; coatings can wear thin and expose the metal to rust and corrosion. Restoration can fix these issues and extend the life of your staircase.

Metal stair restoration starts with fixing structural issues. All elements of the staircase need to be inspected and repaired when needed. Treads that have worn thin from metal fatigue should be replaced. Railings that have become loose may need new welds to strengthen the structure. Once all the small issues have been addressed and repaired, you will need to add new protection to the surface.

Recoating the staircase can protect the metal and make your structure look like new again. Primer, coating and new paint can add the layers of protection needed to keep rust and corrosion at bay. Once completed, you can look forward to many more years of use before you need a complete staircase replacement.

For metal staircase restoration, only trust an experienced metal fabricator that specializes in commercial metal work. Considering the amount of use and abuse your staircases withstand, you want to ensure the best techniques and products are used in your restoration for long-lasting results.

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Can Your Small Business Benefit from a Custom Conveyor Belt System?

Posted in Conveyor Belts

Everyone knows that conveyor belts are necessary in large manufacturing operations, but what about small businesses? More and more entrepreneurs are creating and shipping products thanks to the convenience of online ordering. Conveyor belt systems can help improve productivity, especially in small businesses where labor costs are a major concern.

Conveyor belts come in all forms and sizes, not just giant systems for warehouse manufacturing. They also can be used for almost any type of product. Have a small candy business? Food-grade conveyor belts are available to accelerate the process. Small or flat items? Vacuum or cleated belts can keep your items in place. These systems can be incorporated into your small business and help you reduce labor costs and increase your productivity. Benefits include:

  • Improved flow for maximized productivity
  • Standardized output for consistency in your product
  • Customization available to fit almost any product or workspace
  • Streamlined packaging and shipping processes
  • Excellent ROI and expanded growth potential

Businesses that can benefit from adding conveyor belts into their production process include almost any company that creates or ships products. Bottling of craft beers, hand-made crafts, candy makers and many other small businesses can use these systems to accommodate larger orders and increased volume. Although there is an initial investment into the equipment, increased productivity can lead to larger revenue and bigger sales opportunities.

A great way to grow your business is to find efficient ways to increase your output of products. Conveyor belt systems can be the next step to expand your small business to the next level. Talk to conveyor belt service company to find out how conveyor belts can help enhance your productivity and grow your small business revenue.

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Repair or Replace: A Cellphone Dilemma

Your iPhone’s screen goes blank or your Samsung Galaxy’s screen is shattered – now what? You depend on your cell phone for much more than just texts and calls – it is your lifeline to the world. Your address book, email, social connections, camera and so much more are tied to that phone. So, is it time to repair your trusty device or should you consider replacement?

While it can be tempting to upgrade to the next model of your favorite brand, consider the implications. If your phone is fairly new, it could last for another year or more before it needs replacement. Upgrading to a new phone means redoing all your settings, downloading your favorites apps and many other inconveniences. It also could mean a big bite out of your wallet.

Cellphone repair has come a long way in the last few years. Considering the cost of a new iPhone or Galaxy, repair is a cost-effective and viable option in most cases. You no longer need to send away your phone for repair through an insurance company. Most major towns and cities have quality cell phone repair shops right in malls and shopping centers – some even offer mobile repairs that come to you.

Most common smartphone issues can be repaired the same day. This means in a few hours you could have your trusty phone back, working like new again. Make sure to ask about the repair warranty. There are shops that offer a lifetime warranty on their repair services.

Skip the upgrade and call a local repair shop first- you could save hundreds of dollars and get more life out of your phone.

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4 Excellent Reasons to Recycle Your Old Mobile Devices

Every year millions of new cell phones and tablets are purchased in the U.S.; there are also millions of mobile devices that are set aside. Many are shoved into desk drawers, closets and closets, while too many others find their way into landfills. If you have old iPods, iPads or smartphones collecting in your home, now is the time to recycle them. Here are four excellent reasons to recycle all your electronic devices.

  1. Be green. Recycling is the best way to reuse valuable materials instead of mining for new ones. Mobile devices contain gold, silver, plastic and other materials that can be recycled and reused, saving energy needed to mine or manufacture new materials.
  2. Toxic waste. Electronics emit toxins into the soil when they end up in landfills. They are not bio-degradable and add to the mountain of waste in our environment.
  3. De-clutter your home. Why are you still holding on to that first-generation iPhone or iPad? Make room in your home and storage spots by recycling all those old devices that you will never use again.
  4. Money in your wallet. Last, but not least, get some cash for those old mobile devices. There are quality mobile device repair chains that offer money for your old cell phones, tablets and even iPods. Why recycle them for free when you can get a little money back from your investment into new technology?

It is time to gather up all those mobile devices that are collecting dust and trade them in for a little extra cash for your wallet. Recycling is good for the environment and a great way to get money for your next mobile device purchase.

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Does Your Homes Soffit or Fascia Need Repair?

The roof system of your home is more complicated than it might seem. To the novice, it can seem that the two main components are the roof and gutters. While this may be true, there are other elements that play an important role in the function of your roof system. Two of these items are the soffit and fascia that are incorporated into the eaves of your roof.

What Is a Soffit?

The soffit is the surface that is under the eave or overhang on your home’s roof. This small “ceiling” is used to help keep moisture away from the home and can be part of the ventilation of your attic. Many soffits contain ventilation holes that allow moisture to escape that can cause mold or damage inside the home.

What Is Fascia?

The boards that edge the roof facing out are fascia. These can connect to the soffit, rafters and trusses in your roof and protect the roof’s edge from exposure. They are also important for the aesthetic appeal of your home, giving the roof outline a smooth, even exterior.

Both the soffit and fascia play important roles in protecting your roof and home from moisture and the elements. Because they are the first line of defense, they can also become damaged or rotted. Damage to your soffit can entice insects and rodents into your attic and home; fascia boards that are damaged can lead to expensive roof rot.

If you notice that the soffit or fascia on your home looks damaged, have it repaired immediately. These small elements are essential to protect your roof and home from expensive damage from moisture and pest invasion.

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Common Causes of Brick Issues in Your Home

Posted in Masonry

Some of the oldest homes have been constructed from brick, a testimonial to the durability of masonry for long-lasting structures. However, even quality brick and masonry construction can need repair and maintenance. If you own an older brick home, you can expect that eventually you will need masonry repairs. Here are some common brick construction issues and what to look for it your masonry needs repair.

Foundation Settlement

A common reason that brick or masonry work cracks is settlement in the foundation of the home. These “stair step cracks” can begin small and grow as more settlement occurs. Luckily, these issues are easily repaired when you hire an experienced masonry company.

Another sign of foundation settlement or structural damage is bowing or bulging walls. Unlike stair step cracks, this is a sign of a serious underlying issue. However, it can be remedied if foundation repairs are made quickly by a masonry or foundation expert.

Steel Expansion

Masonry is often held in place by a steel framework underneath, especially in doors and windows. Steel can expand, causing damage to the brick work. Often a crack will appear in the upper corners of a garage door or window. The steel lintels that support these openings can need repair or replacement, as well as the overlying masonry work.

Other causes of brick issues are thermal expansion or weather-related damage. Regardless of the cause, at the first sign of cracks or changes in the masonry work in your home, call in a brick expert. Most issues can be repaired quickly if caught in the early stages. Waiting can lead to further damage to your home and more expensive repairs.

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