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Is a Golf Cart the Ultimate Dad Gift?

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Whether it is Christmas, a birthday or Father’s Day, dads are notoriously difficult to surprise with a good gift. For some reason, these male pillars of strength, advice and support are not easy to find a gift that really tickles their fancy. For the next special occasion that requires a gift for your dad, here is an idea. Consider buying him a golf cart. This is not just for golfers – many people can use a golf cart for personal transportation. Here are some dads that might appreciate their own golf cart.

  • Campers and RV owners. Have a dad that spends weeks traveling from campground to campground in their RV or just camps on the weekends? Golf carts are excellent for campgrounds, giving dad a quick way to jet down to the water or up to the campground store.
  • Retirement living. If your dad is retired and lives in a retirement community, a golf cart with a street legal kit could be an excellent gift. Dad can get around the neighborhood and to the clubhouse with an economical cart.
  • Dads that like to hunt, trap shoot or just go out in the woods to enjoy nature can use a golf cart. Choose a more rugged, gas model for longer trips into the wilderness.
  • Of course, if dad is a golfer, a golf cart is a perfect gift, especially if he doesn’t already have one of his own.

Golf carts are affordable and you can find quality used models at your local dealer. Next time it comes time to find the ultimate gift for dad, stop by and check out the possibilities at your local golf cart dealer.

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Advantages of Using Steel Bollards at Your Business

Bollards have been used for many decades as a protective barrier for public buildings or protected areas. However, there are benefits to many businesses that use steel bollards to protect their property. Bollards can offer a barrier to keep vehicles away from buildings or pedestrian areas. Here are some of the advantages of strategically placing bollards around your business.

  • Property protection. Accidents happen every day, especially with poor drivers. While you have liability insurance to cover accidents, the damage to your property or personnel from a vehicle that crashes through a wall or window can be beyond a simple reimbursement check. Installing steel bollards can stop accidents from affecting your business and protect your customers and employees.
  • Terrorist protection. Unfortunately, recent history has proven that terrorist attacks can happen anywhere, even at your business. While bollards cannot stop a terrorist, they are a safety measure that can protect from vehicle terrorist threats and are used at many public and private buildings.
  • Bollards are a good safety measure for pedestrian areas to keep vehicles off sidewalks and pathways. They are also beneficial in loading areas or warehouses to keep vehicles out of areas where employees are on foot or using forklifts.
  • Landscaping. Protect the investment into your lawn and landscaping for your business with bollards. An errant vehicle can quickly wipe out your expensive landscaping that will take weeks or months to regrow.

Steel bollards can be customized for your needs by a metal fabricator. You can choose the design you prefer – bollards can be attractive as well as protective for your business. You have a lot invested into your business; give it the protection it deserves with customized steel bollards.

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Choosing the Right Conveyor Belt for Your Business

Conveyor belts are the workhorses of the manufacturing and shipping industries. Whether you own a small candy business or a large manufacturing operation, conveyors belts reduce labor and save on overhead costs for making your product. But not all conveyors are the same. Depending on what you need moved, you can choose a specialized belt to complete the job. Here are some of the most common types of commercial conveyor belts.

  • Heavy duty. If you are moving heavy or sharp objects, you need a belt that can withstand the weight and be cut-resistant. Heavy duty belts are used for moving glass, rocks and other materials that can easy tear or cut basic conveyor belts.
  • For objects that will be moved up an incline or can easily slip off a flat belt, cleated conveyor belts are used. Flat or round items can be kept on the belt with the use of cleats of various sizes, depending on your needs.
  • A vacuum conveyor belt uses suction to hold the items on the belt as they are transported. This is used in printing operations, but can be used to hold any flat item in place on the belt for gluing or other purposes.
  • When processing food items on a production line, you need to have special care for the cleanliness of your conveyor belt. Food-grade materials can be used for these conveyors, ensuring they meet FDA requirements for food sanitation.

When it comes to choosing the right conveyor belt type and material, you have many choices. To determine the best fit for your needs, talk to a conveyor belt service that offers all types and customized options for your needs.

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4 Reasons to Hire a Pressure Washing Service This Spring

Spring cleaning around your home means sprucing up the outside as well as the inside. There are some tasks that require pressure washing, removing the grime and debris from the winter months. While you can perform some pressure washing yourself if you have the equipment, there are some legitimate reasons to hire a professional. Here are four reasons to leave the big outdoor cleaning jobs to a professional pressure washing service.

  1. Roofing cleaning. Keeping your roof clean will make your home look tidy and protect your roofing. However, pressure washing shingles must be done with care. Quality pressure washing professionals will use low pressure to clean your roof while protecting the shingles from damage.
  2. Driveway stains. Do you have oil or grease stains on your driveway? Let a professional scrub away those stains using methods that will protect the environment; some municipalities require gray water removal that must be done by a professional.
  3. Save time. You have better things to do than pressure wash your deck, patio, siding, roof and driveway. Get it all done in one afternoon with the help of a professional pressure washing service.
  4. Cleaning some areas of your home like the roof, siding and multi-level decking can require pressure washing on a ladder or on your roof. This can be dangerous; let the professionals take the risk – make sure the company you hire is insured and licensed.

Give your home a thorough outdoor spring cleaning this year without straining your back or wasting a whole weekend. Call a local pressure washing service to give all your outdoor surfaces a fresh, clean look for summer.

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Impact Pressure Washing
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Importance of Recycling Your Cell Phone

Electronic waste has become a major problem in landfills, especially items that are replaced often like cell phones. It is estimated that the average cell phone owner replaces their device about every year and a half, even when their current device is still working. The problem is where the old phones go once they have been replaced by a new model. Recycling is vital to keep these devices out of landfills to protect the environment.

Cell phones are made from materials that can be toxic to the environment. The metals and other elements they contain can pollute the water system and soil, never breaking down but building up to toxic levels. However, almost all the components in cell phones can be recycled or reused. By recycling a million cell phones, the following metals can be obtained:

  • 750 pounds of silver
  • 70 pounds of gold
  • 30 pounds of palladium
  • 35,000 pounds of copper

These metals can be used to make new cell phones and other electronic devices, instead of mining for more metals. This also saves on the resources needed to mine and process these metals, offering a double benefit to the environment.

Electronic recycling is recommended by the EPA and is the law in many states. Most major retailers of electronics offer e-cycling drop-off points where you can bring your cell phones, TVs, computers and other devices. But you don’t need to recycle your cell phones for free. Most cell phones are worth money, even when they don’t work any longer.

Check with your local cell phone repair store. Some of the major chains of cell phone repair also buy old cell phones for cash, recycling them for their usable parts and materials. It is a great way to finally recycle those old cell phones and get paid a little money for doing the right thing.

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Give Your Old Phone a New Look

Cell phones have become more than just a way to stay connected. They are the unisex accessory that goes with you wherever you go. For many, the look of their cell phone is as important as the clothes they put on each day. It needs to be stylish and fit their personality. If you have been considering replacing your old phone because it no longer reflects your taste, why not just give it a makeover instead? Here are a few ways to give your old phone a new look to avoid the expense of replacement.

  • Fix that cracked screen. Have you been using an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy with a cracked screen for months? Not only does it look bad, it can jeopardize the phone’s components. Get that screen repaired – many quality cell phone repair stores can fix cracks in just a few minutes.
  • Update your case. Your cell phone can look like new again with a simple changing of its outfit. Cases come in thousands of options, including customized styles you make yourself. Pick up a few new cases and change the look of your cell phone to match your mood.
  • Add accessories. How your phone looks is not as important as how well it functions. New accessories like headphones, speakers and chargers can ensure your phone does everything you need.

Buying a new cell phone is expensive. If your existing phone stills works great, keep it and save the money by giving a new look and makeover. Fixing a crack or buying a new case is an affordable way to extend the life of your phone while keeping it fresh and stylish.

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Five Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Posted in Siding

Is it time to paint your home, again? Stop painting old shingles and consider the benefits of adding new vinyl siding to your home. There are many advantages to using vinyl siding that make it worth the investment. Here are five of the main benefits of investing in new vinyl siding.

  1. Never paint again. Vinyl siding does not need painting, yet it will look like new for decades. A quick cleaning and it looks new again. The painting aspect can pay for your vinyl siding over the years, saving you time and money off keeping your home looking great.
  2. Easy maintenance. Vinyl siding is not as porous as other siding materials, allowing it to stay cleaner longer. Mold and mildew are less likely to grow on vinyl, but any growth or debris can be easily washed off for simple, quick maintenance.
  3. Energy efficiency. New vinyl siding can be installed with a foam backing that offers better insulation qualities for your home. This helps reduce energy costs and makes your home more efficient.
  4. Damage resistance. Hail and other impact forces can damage many types of siding. Vinyl siding is durable and dent resistant, reducing replacement costs after hail storms or impact from other sources.
  5. Cost effective. Vinyl siding can last longer, require less maintenance expense and can require a small initial investment than many other types of siding.

If you want to keep your home looking great with less maintenance and cost, consider remodeling the exterior of your home with vinyl siding. There are many colors and textures to choose from to give your home a new look that will last for decades.

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Does Your Garage Door Lintel Need Replacement?

Posted in Masonry

The structure supporting the brick or stone around your garage door is called the lintel, a steel frame that can become corroded over the years. This can be a dangerous situation, compromising the structure of the frame that holds your heavy garage door in place. Older garages can be susceptible to lintel damage and may need this structure replaced to prevent collapse.

Signs that your garage door lintel may need replacement can include:

  • Cracks between bricks above or around your garage door
  • A sagging top beam above your garage door
  • Cracks or gaps in the seams around the garage door frame

The garage door lintel is usually a steel beam that goes across the top of the door. The most common place for corrosion or weakness is in the middle of the door, where the least amount of support is located. Not only does the beam need replacement, but the bricks or stone and the material between the lintel and exterior surface will need to be redone.

Lintel damage occurs form water and weather deterioration over the years. Rust and corrosion can occur, leaving your garage door susceptible to weakness. At the first signs of any underlying issues, you should call a masonry expert to examine your garage and determine whether a lintel replacement is needed.

Replacing the lintel on your garage door is a complicated process that should be left to the professionals. Your garage door can weigh several hundred pounds and will need removal before the lintel can be accessed and replaced. Once the interior structure is fixed, you will need new brick or stone to frame in your garage, requiring the expertise of an experienced masonry service. Find a local masonry company that offers lintel and masonry work to restore your old garage to last many more decades.

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Golf Cart Rental: Essential for the Destination Wedding

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You plan every detail of your wedding, from the flowers and cake to the perfect venue and caterer. However, if your venue is a beach or a rural, rustic farm, there is one more detail you might want to add to your list: golf cart rental. Most destination weddings involve your guests hiking through sand or fields to where you will exchange vows with your bride or groom. For some elderly or disabled guests, enjoying your nuptials may not be possible. Make sure everyone on your guest list can make your destination wedding with golf cart rental.

Anyone who has been to a beach or nature wedding has most likely experienced the small trek to the ceremony spot. Whether you are going over dunes to the beach or down a dirt trail to a back field, this is not easy terrain for many people. Injuries, arthritis and other health conditions can make it a disappointing day for your loved ones that cannot make the hike. Renting a golf cart to transport your guests from the parking area to the ceremony and reception is a courteous, and appreciated, gesture.

Since all rentals can get booked during the busy wedding season, you want to reserve your golf carts early. Call a golf cart rental place near your destination wedding to reserve your cart or carts. Rental golf carts come in many sizes and options. Be sure to ask about enclosures for your cart if there is a possibility of wet or windy weather. Also, plan to have designated drivers to manage the golf carts and bring guests to and from the wedding celebrations.

Adding a golf cart rental to your wedding plans can ensure that everyone has a wonderful time on your special day and can attend the festivities. Make sure to add it to your wedding list.

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Invest in a New Roof Before Winter

Posted in Roofing

Your roof is one of the most essential components of your home; one small leak and it can cost you thousands in repairs, water damage and mold infestation. While roofs can last for decades, it only takes one bad storm to cause damage that can lead to a major repair issue. If your roof has seen better days, don’t wait for a roof emergency to strike. Now is the time to replace your roof with a new roof before the colder, wetter winter weather hits.

Choosing a New Roof

Once you decide it is time for a roof replacement, the next step is choosing the type of roofing material. While asphalt shingles are still the most common material used, they are far from the only choice. Metal roofs are very popular, with many offering a lifetime warranty. However, even metal roofing varies in quality and aesthetic appeal. Before you decide on a material type, talk to your roofer about these qualities:

  • Warranty. What type of warranty will come with your roof and what does the warranty cover?
  • Aesthetics. What are the options in color and style for your new roof? The roofing you use can affect the entire look of your home; curb appeal is important when it comes to retaining value.
  • Different roofing materials have various longevity. Choose a roofing material that will last for at least 20-30 years for the best return on investment.

Choosing the right contractor is almost as important as the roof itself. Find a local contractor that has many years of experience in your area with an excellent reputation. You want a company that will be there to stand behind their work for many years to come.

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