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Extend the Life of Your Golf Cart Battery

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If you have an electric golf cart, caring for the battery is vital to getting the most out of your investment. Not only is it the sole source of energy for your cart, replacing the battery can be expensive. Knowing how to properly charge for your battery can make it last longer and perform better. Here are some tips to care for your golf cart battery to extend the life and get the most out of your money.

  • Understand the limits of your battery. A golf cart battery is under much more strain than a typical vehicle battery. It is not recharged as you go, so when the juice runs out, it is completely dead. Plan your excursions around the typical battery life so it does not become completely drained or leave you stranded. Completely discharging a battery or even to below 80% can affect the life span.
  • Recharge completely. After each use, recharge the battery to full capacity. This is extremely important to improve the battery life so you get the most out of your investment. Even if you only use it for a short period, recharge after use.
  • Use a single outlet for charging. Do not plug your battery charger into an outlet that is being used for another electrical appliance. This can disturb the electrical flow to the battery.

Charging your battery the correct way is one way to get the most out of it and your golf cart. It also will need to be regularly cleaned and water added according to the manufacturer or dealer recommendations. Call your local golf cart dealer to learn more about maintaining your entire golf cart, including battery maintenance.

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Maintenance for Your Golf Cart

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Like any motorized vehicle, golf carts require routine maintenance to extend the lifetime of the vehicles. Both electric and gas-powered models will need some service performed, although maintenance can be expected to be lower than a car or truck that you use for regular transportation. Staying on top of your maintenance can ensure you will get the most out of your investment into your golf cart. 

Electric Golf Cart Maintenance

For electric carts, maintenance of the batteries is the most important factor. The batteries on these vehicles are expensive to replace, so following the correct charging instructions for your cart is crucial, as well as keeping water levels maintained. A well-maintained golf cart battery can last up to six years, where poorly maintained batteries can die in only a year or two of use. You will also need to perform routine maintenance on the brake system of your golf cart.

Gas-Powered Golf Cart Maintenance

Gas-powered golf carts will need similar maintenance to most vehicles, including oil and filter changes, air filter changes, brake service and spark plug replacement. If you are mechanically inclined, you can do much of this maintenance yourself, or you can bring your cart to your local golf cart dealer for service. For golf carts, most maintenance is based on the hours used instead of the miles driven, so keeping track of hours of use is important. Hour meters are available for golf cart motors to help you keep track of when your motor needs maintenance.

Talk to your local golf cart dealer about what maintenance should be performed on your model of golf cart and how often. Staying on top of maintenance can help your cart last for many years and protect your investment.

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Protect Your Investment with Golf Cart Maintenance

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Just like any vehicle, your golf or utility cart needs regular routine maintenance to keep it running great. Whether your cart is used every day for your business or only on occasion for recreation, you still need to keep up on servicing the engine. Although golf carts are smaller and simpler than a car or truck, they still require many of the same maintenance services. Some of the maintenance that should be done includes:

  • Oil changes. Just like any vehicle, your golf cart will need oil and filter changes to keep the engine properly lubricated.
  • Battery replacement. Especially on electrical carts, battery maintenance and replacement should be done according to the manufacturer recommendations. Don’t wait to be left stranded with a dead battery out on the course or in the woods before you replace that old battery.
  • Tires and brakes. Have your tires and brakes inspected at least annually for safety, especially for golf carts that have been customized to be street legal.
  • Tune-ups. Make sure you stay on track with your regular engine tune-ups to ensure all your components are functioning properly and all fluids are kept at the right levels. An ounce of prevention is always worth the proverbial pound of cure.

Not sure what your golf cart’s maintenance requirements are? Check your owner’s manual or call your local golf cart retail and service center. Your local golf cart store can give you the standard maintenance expectations for different golf cart models and when they should be performed. To ensure the maintenance is done correctly and meets your vehicle warranty standards, bring your cart to a service center that specializes in golf cart maintenance and repairs.

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Maintaining Your Electric Golf Cart

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Just like any vehicle, golf carts need regular maintenance to perform at their best. If you own an electric golf cart for personal recreation or for your business, keeping your cart on a regular maintenance schedule will prolong the life and performance of your investment. Some maintenance can easily be done by the owner, while other routine services are best done at a professional golf cart service company.

Basic Golf Cart Maintenance

There are a few basic services that your golf cart will need. For electric carts, battery maintenance is essential, along with normal motor, brake and tire services. Although all makes and models may have different requirements, here are some of the minimum service requirements for most electric golf carts:

  • Batteries. Battery terminals should be checked and cleaned often to stop corrosion. Heavily used golf carts may need their terminals cleaned every week. Batteries should be tested at least once a year, more often for heavier use.
  • Tires. Tire pressure and signs of wear should be checked regularly. Low pressure can lead to premature replacement. Alignment should also be checked about twice a year.
  • Brakes and motor. Like any vehicle, your golf cart needs regularly lubrication and replacement of parts as needed for both the brakes and motor. This is best performed by your local golf cart service company as noted in your operational manual for your make and model.

By keeping up on your regular routine maintenance, your golf cart can last for many years. Plan to bring your cart in for service at least once a year for light use, bi-annually for heavy or commercial use.

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Golf Cart Service and Repairs

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One of the most important things to determine when looking to buy or rent a golf cart or utility vehicle is to select a firm that is a full service golf cart distributer.  This is important because after the cart is delivered, it is going to need periodic repairs and regular maintenance, as recommended by the manufacturer.  It is important to select a firm that will provide periodic golf cart service and repair promptly, economically and views the relationship between the company and the customer as a long-term business partnership. 

The full service golf cart distributor will have a dedicated service department staffed by factory-trained technicians that are highly skilled.  They will have the ability to work on both electric golf carts and utility vehicles as well as gas powered golf carts and utility vehicles.  Popular manufactures include Yamaha, E-Z-Go and Club Car, so it is important that the repair facility have the parts and expertise to work on these manufacturers.  

While regularly scheduled manufacturer recommended service, tune-ups and check ups eliminates many issues, common issues include battery replacement, battery problems, including recharging problems and electrical shorts.  In addition, they will be able to provide more extensive services, including complete overhauls and reconditioning.  The full service golf cart distributor will also have the dedicated trucks and trailers to pick up the golf cart or utility vehicle and deliver it to their repair facility as well as return it when the work is complete.  All work will be performed to the highest standards and will be fairly priced.

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Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

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The batteries are one of the most important components on an electric golf cart.  Taking good care of your golf cart batteries will help them hold a charge better, last longer, and avoid expensive golf cart repairs.  Replacing a set of golf cart batteries costs several hundred dollars so it makes sense to follow good maintenance habits and maximize the life of the batteries.

Golf cart batteries need more care and maintenance than your car battery because larger demands are placed on them.  Unlike the engine starting battery in your car which is kept almost fully charged by the alternator, golf cart batteries are used until they are deeply discharged before recharging them.  This discharging and recharging cycle is hard on a battery.

The basics of golf cart battery maintenance are cleaning, watering, and charging.  When performing any maintenance on your golf cart batteries, be sure to wear appropriate protective gear to protect your eyes, skin, and clothing.  Also, golf cart batteries give off hydrogen gas so no smoking and avoid sparks while maintaining your batteries.

Golf cart batteries should be charged after every use.  Avoid discharging the batteries completely and always charge the battery fully.  Regularly undercharging or overcharging the batteries will shorten their life.

Once a month, clean the batteries and check the water level.  The water level in each cell should be checked and distilled water added to bring it up to the proper level.  Always add water after the battery is fully charged and don’t overwater.

Make sure the caps are tight, then clean the batteries using a solution of 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1 1/2 gallons of water.  Spray the mixture on the batteries and let it sit for about five minutes.  Rinse with fresh water and dry the batteries with a clean rag.  Avoid spraying water directly on any electrical components.


Golf Cart Safety Tips

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As golf carts become increasingly popular forms of transportation, golf cart accidents have risen correspondingly.  Not only do more golf carts in use equal more golf cart accidents, but these days many golf carts can travel at significantly higher speeds than traditional golf carts found on golf courses around the country.

First, watch your speed when driving a golf cart.  You don’t have to drive the golf cart at top speed all the time.  Slow down when common sense says that the conditions warrant a slower speed.  You will have more time to react to the unexpected.  Also, just like any vehicle, it is easy to lose control of a golf cart traveling at high speed.

Don’t overload the vehicle by carrying more passengers than it was designed to carry.  The easy rule of thumb is there should be one seat for each passenger.  If your golf cart only has four seats, don’t carry more than four passengers.  Overloading a golf cart makes it difficult to control.  Both steering and braking are severely affected by an overloaded golf cart.

Keep your eyes on the road.  This should go without saying, but golf carts tend to be used in scenic areas and it is all too easy to get distracted.  A child, animal, or vehicle can jump out in front of you without warning.

Finally, be sure to keep your golf cart maintenance up to date by an experienced golf cart repair shop.  A well maintained golf cart is less likely to have blowout or other mechanical failure that could lead to an accident.

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