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Golf Cart Rental: Essential for the Destination Wedding

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You plan every detail of your wedding, from the flowers and cake to the perfect venue and caterer. However, if your venue is a beach or a rural, rustic farm, there is one more detail you might want to add to your list: golf cart rental. Most destination weddings involve your guests hiking through sand or fields to where you will exchange vows with your bride or groom. For some elderly or disabled guests, enjoying your nuptials may not be possible. Make sure everyone on your guest list can make your destination wedding with golf cart rental.

Anyone who has been to a beach or nature wedding has most likely experienced the small trek to the ceremony spot. Whether you are going over dunes to the beach or down a dirt trail to a back field, this is not easy terrain for many people. Injuries, arthritis and other health conditions can make it a disappointing day for your loved ones that cannot make the hike. Renting a golf cart to transport your guests from the parking area to the ceremony and reception is a courteous, and appreciated, gesture.

Since all rentals can get booked during the busy wedding season, you want to reserve your golf carts early. Call a golf cart rental place near your destination wedding to reserve your cart or carts. Rental golf carts come in many sizes and options. Be sure to ask about enclosures for your cart if there is a possibility of wet or windy weather. Also, plan to have designated drivers to manage the golf carts and bring guests to and from the wedding celebrations.

Adding a golf cart rental to your wedding plans can ensure that everyone has a wonderful time on your special day and can attend the festivities. Make sure to add it to your wedding list.

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5 Reasons to Rent a Golf Cart This Summer

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Even if golf isn’t your game, renting a golf cart can still be a benefit during your summer activities. These useful recreational vehicles have moved off the course and have become a great way to offer transportation for many outdoor events. Here are five ways you can use golf carts to make the most of this summer.

Camping. Most campgrounds are on several acres, with many activities spread out from one end of the complex to another. For your next camping trip, bring along your own golf cart for those trips to the campground store or to cruise down for a swim.

Special events. Planning a big outdoor party this summer? Make it easy on your guests to get to the party with a golf cart rental. Older relatives and those with physical impairments will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Trail rides. Want to go into the woods and take in nature? Pack up a cooler and head out on the trails in your rented golf cart. Electric carts are quiet, perfect for bird watchers or those trying not to scare away the wildlife.

Vacations. Planning to rent a cabin or visit a beach community on vacation? Park the car and bring a golf cart to see all the sites.  Many golf carts are street legal, making them a great way to get around in busy vacation areas.

Festivals. There are so many fun festivals to enjoy during the summer; however, if being on your feet all day is not possible, consider renting a golf cart. Many festivals will allow golf carts for those who need physical assistances.

Renting a golf cart is an economical way to make the most of all your summer plans. Check out your local golf cart rental companies to find the right cart for your next summer event.

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Golf Cart Event Rentals

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Large events or events held at a large venue often require a great deal of walking for visitors. While some patrons may appreciate the exercise, an event that requires nice shoes, nice attire, or that has attracted those of differing ages may require the service of transportation. Golf cart rentals are especially practical and appreciated for such events. With different options in golf cart rentals available, event planners can find ones perfect for those special occasions where transportation is needed. 

Weddings held at large venues are especially popular these days. A wedding ceremony may be held outdoors at a special spot with the reception held hundreds of yards away at a pavilion or reception hall. The distance between the two locations may require difficult walking for those in high heels, those with disabilities, or the elderly. The terrain may also be unsuitable for casual walking, even if the grounds are immaculately kept. Golf cart event rentals are the perfect solution. With 6 passenger, 8 passenger, and 14 passenger golf carts available for rental, guests are able to travel in comfort between destinations in a timely and practical manner. 

Golf cart rentals are also helpful for corporate events where employees and guests need to travel to and from multiple destinations in a certain amount of time. Golf carts can travel back and forth carrying passengers much quicker than people can travel on foot. 

For golf cart event rentals in your area, search for a trusted and insured golf cart rental company. Golf carts can add an element of enjoyment to any occasion for guests who may not appreciate, or may not be able to, travel by foot.

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Relax And Rent A Golf Cart This Summer!

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Nothing can detract from a fun event or vacation more than sore feet, knees and legs. It’s hard to enjoy anything when you need continuously to be on your feet, walking miles upon miles throughout the day. For anyone that has small children in tow, physical restrictions or just doesn’t enjoy walking long distances, golf cart rentals for your next outdoor vacation or event may be the perfect way to avoid the pain while enjoying all the fun.  

Summer Events For Golf Cart Rentals

There are many times during the summer when having a golf cart handy can make the day more enjoyable. There is no need to play through the pain when you can just rent a golf cart to save your feet from walking from point A to point B all day long. Here are some great ideas on when to rent a golf cart. 

  • Weddings. If you are planning an outdoor wedding where guests will need to walk, consider renting a golf cart for your guests. Your older family members will appreciate the lift!
  • Camping trips. A week at a campground can become painful by day three or four when you are on your feet from morning until night. Rent a cart to scoot you around the campground so you can enjoy your trip.
  • Recreation. Golf carts are great for going out trap shooting, to sporting events and yes, even golfing! Make that next day out more relaxing by renting a golf cart to get you around throughout the day. 

Make all your summer events more fun with less pain by renting a golf cart. It is worth the investment to be able to enjoy the day without worrying about feet blisters, swollen knees or tired toddlers!

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