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Caring for Your Mobile Devices

Smartphones and tablets enhance our lives, keeping us connected wherever we are. We use them for work, school and play, which is why if one gets damaged it can send our life into a tailspin. While accidents happen, there are ways to protect your precious iPhones, iPads and other devices. Get the most life out of your newest device by following these tips for care. 

  • Cover and protect. Smartphones and tablets are too expensive to leave unprotected. Since they go wherever you do, they need armor to protect the delicate screen and case. Invest in a quality cover or case with a screen protector as soon as possible. It only takes one drop on tile, cement or asphalt to shatter your device. If you are active, opt for a case that is rugged for the best protection.
  • Don’t overcharge. One of the most common mistakes people make with their phones and tablets is leaving them on their charger. Not only can this detract from the battery lifespan, there have been instances of fires caused from devices left plugged in.
  • Water protection. If you will be near the pool or out on a body of water, put your device inside a waterproof plastic bag. A large clear plastic bag that seals will allow you to still see and use your device while protecting it from water damage.

Caring for your smartphones and tablets can help ensure they last – at least until you decide it is time to upgrade to the newest model. However, if your device does get damaged, there are local repair shops that can fix your device the same day so you never need to be without your beloved device for long.

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What Damage Can Be Repaired on a Smartphone?

If you own an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or any other smartphone, you know how expensive these phones are to buy new at full price. So what happens when you drop your new phone in the toilet or it gets sat on when you leave it on the seat of your car? Many of these phones can cost upwards of $400, so is it possible to repair these phones instead of replacing them? Yes it is! There are now local cell phone repair shops that can quickly and affordably repair smartphones, extending the life of these spendy phones. Here are some common repairs that can be fixed on iPhones and other expensive smartphones:

  • Screen damage. What is the most likely component to get damaged on a smartphone? The large glass display. Pressure or impact can cause cracks or chips in the screen, making it difficult to use the touchscreen. This is an easy repair and should be done as quickly as possible. With a cracked screen, the phone is more susceptible to other types of damage.
  • Water damage. Moisture and smartphones don’t mix. Even with better water protection built in, a submerged phone rarely gets out without any damage. But what once was a death sentence for any cell phone is now a common issue that can fixed at a cell phone repair shop.
  • LCD components. Whether they get damaged or just wear out, LCD components are an important aspect of your smartphone’s performance. These parts can be replaced so your phone works like new again.

You no longer have to spend a small fortune to replace your cell phone when it gets damaged. Find a quality cell phone repair shop with good customer reviews to complete repairs to get more life out of your expensive smartphones.

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