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Advantages of Using Steel Bollards at Your Business

Bollards have been used for many decades as a protective barrier for public buildings or protected areas. However, there are benefits to many businesses that use steel bollards to protect their property. Bollards can offer a barrier to keep vehicles away from buildings or pedestrian areas. Here are some of the advantages of strategically placing bollards around your business.

  • Property protection. Accidents happen every day, especially with poor drivers. While you have liability insurance to cover accidents, the damage to your property or personnel from a vehicle that crashes through a wall or window can be beyond a simple reimbursement check. Installing steel bollards can stop accidents from affecting your business and protect your customers and employees.
  • Terrorist protection. Unfortunately, recent history has proven that terrorist attacks can happen anywhere, even at your business. While bollards cannot stop a terrorist, they are a safety measure that can protect from vehicle terrorist threats and are used at many public and private buildings.
  • Bollards are a good safety measure for pedestrian areas to keep vehicles off sidewalks and pathways. They are also beneficial in loading areas or warehouses to keep vehicles out of areas where employees are on foot or using forklifts.
  • Landscaping. Protect the investment into your lawn and landscaping for your business with bollards. An errant vehicle can quickly wipe out your expensive landscaping that will take weeks or months to regrow.

Steel bollards can be customized for your needs by a metal fabricator. You can choose the design you prefer – bollards can be attractive as well as protective for your business. You have a lot invested into your business; give it the protection it deserves with customized steel bollards.

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