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Protect Your Mobile Device Investment

How many cell phones and tablets do you own? Most families have a cell phone for every adult and the older kids, plus a few tablets to boot. When you add up how much all these devices are worth or how much it would cost to replace them, it can add up to a small fortune. It makes sense to spend just a little more to protect these expensive devices with protective gear. Here are a few accessories you should have for all your iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices.

Case or Cover

First and foremost, the best protection for your phone or tablet is the case. This outside cover is designed specifically for each make and model to hug the phone or tablet. You will find cases that are made of different materials, from hard plastic to thin rubber. Many cases are more decorative than protective, but all help keep your phone from exterior damage.  Even cell phone skins help reduce scratching and adds some cushion from impact damage.

Screen Protector

To minimize the chance of screen scratches and cracks, screen protectors are your best option. Almost everyone needs protection for their screens to keep them working properly. Although there is no protector that is indestructible, this gear can reduce the instances of damage.

Insurance or Local Repair?

Phone insurance for damage once was the way to go. But now with all the apps and personalization that goes into your phone, do you really want to mail off your phone for a few weeks if you get a cracked screen or water damage? It is better just to bring your cell phone for local repair store if it needs it so you can get it back the same day. Most malls and shopping centers now have mobile device repair and accessory stores to help you protect your expensive devices.

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What Damage Can Be Repaired on a Smartphone?

If you own an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or any other smartphone, you know how expensive these phones are to buy new at full price. So what happens when you drop your new phone in the toilet or it gets sat on when you leave it on the seat of your car? Many of these phones can cost upwards of $400, so is it possible to repair these phones instead of replacing them? Yes it is! There are now local cell phone repair shops that can quickly and affordably repair smartphones, extending the life of these spendy phones. Here are some common repairs that can be fixed on iPhones and other expensive smartphones:

  • Screen damage. What is the most likely component to get damaged on a smartphone? The large glass display. Pressure or impact can cause cracks or chips in the screen, making it difficult to use the touchscreen. This is an easy repair and should be done as quickly as possible. With a cracked screen, the phone is more susceptible to other types of damage.
  • Water damage. Moisture and smartphones don’t mix. Even with better water protection built in, a submerged phone rarely gets out without any damage. But what once was a death sentence for any cell phone is now a common issue that can fixed at a cell phone repair shop.
  • LCD components. Whether they get damaged or just wear out, LCD components are an important aspect of your smartphone’s performance. These parts can be replaced so your phone works like new again.

You no longer have to spend a small fortune to replace your cell phone when it gets damaged. Find a quality cell phone repair shop with good customer reviews to complete repairs to get more life out of your expensive smartphones.

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What To Do If Your Phone or Tablet Gets Wet

It happens all the time – you knock over a beverage on your tablet or get thrown into the pool with your cell phone in your back pocket. We all know that electronic devices and water don’t mix and often water damage can be the end of your expensive mobile device. However, if you act fast, sometime you can reduce the damage and save your device. The next time your cell phone or tablet gets wet, here are some tips to minimize the damage.

  • Turn it off. First and foremost, you need to switch off your cell phone or tablet. You don’t want the electrical circuits trying to work while it is wet. If you can, take out the battery completely.
  • Dissemble your device. Take any parts out that you can including your battery, SIM card and SD card. Blot all the parts and slots with absorbent tissue to remove as much water as possible
  • Dry the components. There are a few ways you can try and remove the moisture. Using a hair dryer is one option. Putting your parts on a pan and letting them dry in the oven on the ‘warm’ setting can help. Also, putting your hardware in a bowl of rice overnight can help pull out the moisture.

Many times by acting fast, you can prevent sustained water damage to your cell phone or tablet. However, that is not always the case. If your efforts do not work at all or you begin to have issues after your device was exposed to water, you still may be able to have it repaired. Bring it to a local cell phone and tablet repair store to see if they can fix the water damage. It is much less expensive than paying for a whole new cell phone or tablet and often they can repair the damage the same day.

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Should You Repair or Sell Your Broken Mobile Device?

You spend hundreds of dollars to have the latest mobile phone or device, making a substantial investment. So what should you do if your mobile device is broken? Unlike a decade ago, you do have options beyond just upgrading to a new device when availability eventually opens on your account. In many circumstances, you may be able to have your device repaired at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Another option is selling your device for cash, giving you money to spend on your new phone or tablet. Which is the best option for your broken device? 

Repairing Your Device

For many, repairing their existing device is the most affordable option. However, it depends on what needs to be repaired and the age of the device. For newer phones and tablets, it’s usually worth investigating repairs versus replacement. Some types of repairs that can be done on devices such as iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and iPad devices are:

–          Black screen replacement

–          White screen replacement

–          Water damage

–          Battery replacement

Since most newer devices will cost hundreds of dollars to replace, a repair can be a viable option. For older models or severely damaged devices, it may be best to consider selling and replacing with a new device, though. 

Getting the Best Price for Your Broken Device

Even a non-functioning mobile device can be worth money. To get the best price for your old device, consider selling to a mobile device repair company. Since they are in the business of repairing these devices, they often will offer the best price for your broken phone or tablet, saving you money on the purchase of a new device.

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Save Money With Phone or Tablet Screen Repair

It is hard to imagine life without the many electronic devices we depend on everyday, especially smart phones and tablets. These incredible electronic companions make our lives easier and more enjoyable, traveling with us almost everywhere we go. Unfortunately, the screens on these devices can only take so much abuse. It only takes a small slip, drop or accident to crack or break the screen, leaving you to ponder how you can afford to replace it. What you may not know is that, in many cases, you can have the screen repaired at a fraction of the price of replacement.  

Screens Repaired or Replaced – Fast!

Since smart phones and tablets are so popular, an industry has emerged to repair these devices to help consumers avoid expensive replacement. The touchscreens on these devices are needed for many of the functions, making it one of the most used repair options. In most cases, if a screen is cracked or not functioning, a mobile device repair company can repair or replace the screen the same day. This can save you hundreds of dollars in comparison to replacing your device, plus get your tablet or phone working again within a few hours. 

Some mobile device repair companies offer home or office visits to make it even more convenient for you. Just like having a windshield repaired on your vehicle, they come to you and do the repair wherever you are. It is fast, easy and affordable, keeping you in touch with the world with hardly any downtime. 

The next time you drop your tablet or phone, have water damage or need a battery replacement, consider calling your local mobile device repair company. It can save you a substantial amount of money compared to  replacement, while getting you back in touch in a matter of hours.

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Broken Smartphone Options

New smartphones have become a substantial investment, with many popular models costing hundreds of dollars to replace. While getting the newest version can be an exciting purchase, it is also expensive. Unfortunately, due to their heavy use, these devices can easily be damaged, leaving owners facing a dilemma regarding whether to buy a new phone or continue using a damaged device. However, there are other options to consider before just replacing a damaged smartphone or tablet. 

Repair Options

Depending on the type of damage to the device, obtaining cell phone repairs may be a feasible option. Especially for devices which are still fairly new, it may be worth investigating whether it can be fixed instead of replaced. Some of the common repairs that can be fixed include: 

  • Cracked or broken front glass. One of the most common issues with smartphones and tablets are cracked or broken glass on the screens. This is generally a quick and easy repair if nothing else has been damaged.
  • Touchscreens and LCD. Both touchscreens and LCD screens can be replaced in most cases when they are damaged. It can be much less expensive than replacing the entire device.
  • Water damage. If a phone has been exposed to water, it may still be able to be repaired. Technicians can perform a water damage diagnosis to determine the extent of the damage.
  • Batteries. Often, a simple battery replacement is all that is needed to get a seemingly broken device working again. 

Even if a device cannot be repaired, extensive damage doesn’t always mean a complete loss. Even non-working phones and tablets can often be sold to be refurbished or for parts. This money can be used to purchase a new or used device, cutting the cost of buying a new phone or mobile device.

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Does Your Smartphone Need Some TLC?

Smartphones have become one of the most used devices of our time, keeping people connected wherever they go. Unfortunately, they are also expensive, costing hundreds of dollars to replace when they are damaged. Luckily, due to the large demand for these devices, there are now ways to preserve many of these phones with affordable cell phone repairs which can make them last much longer before they need to be replaced. 

Types Of Smartphone Repairs

Like all types of electronics, there are times when it is better just to replace the smartphone than to spend hundreds of dollars on repairing them. However, there are many smaller issues that can be quickly and easily fixed, making the phone just like new again. Before trading in or tossing out your phone, consider these repairs that can be made. 

–        Front glass. On many iPhones, the front glass can become scratched or cracked, making it hard to use. This glass can be repaired or replaced by experienced technicians, making the phone look like new again.

–        Water damage. Water is the enemy of most cell phones. Countless phones have been accidentally exposed to water, then thrown away. Often these phones can be repaired, costing much less than replacement.

–        LCD damage. If the LCD component is malfunctioning on a phone like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, it can often be repaired quickly without creating the need for expensive replacement of the device.

–        Battery replacement. Many times when a phone dies, it is just in need of a battery replacement. Before spending the money to replace it, have an expert check to see if it just needs a new battery. 

Next time your smartphone has outer damage or is not working properly, call a local smartphone repair company to see if it can be repaired. If not, some offer to buy used phones, working or not, and can also give you a good deal on replacement phones if yours cannot be repaired.

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Cell Phone Repairs

In recent years, smart phones have become very integrated into our daily lives to the extent that most people cannot function in their daily business and personal lives without these devices.  In many cases, these devices have replaced the personal computer for many functions including Internet access, email, schedules and note pads.  The integration is so complete, that most people would be in a real bind if their smart phone were to stop working and they were to lose the data stored on the device. 

One of the most popular of all of the smart phones on the market is the Samsung family of smart phones including the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3.  While extremely popular, these phones are also very expensive, especially if they stop functioning properly due to a broken touch screen, water damage or a dead battery.  In many cases the owner would be required to purchase a new phone if the non functional phone was not insured or if the customer was not eligible for a phone upgrade or discounted phone thru their carrier.  In the past cell phone repairs were just not possible. 

Now if is possible to have the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 repaired by a highly trained and experienced technician!  Repairs include touch screen replacement, water damage diagnostic and battery replacement.  In addition, it is possible to have the repairs done at one of many conveniently located repair facilities or the technician can come to the customer’s home of office location.  In all cases, the cost of the repairs is very reasonable and the repairs are quickly done.

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