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5 Common iPhone Repairs

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So you dropped your iPhone in the toilet or it got sat on in the car – your touchscreen doesn’t work, you can’t even see text through all the cracks on your glass or the speakers sound like an old CB radio, so it is time for a new phone. Or is it? Did you know that most accidental damage can be repaired at a local cell phone repair store the same day for a fraction of the cost of replacing your iPhone or other smartphone? Here are 5 common repairs that can be completed usually while you wait at a local cell phone repair service.

  1. Cracked screens. The number one nemesis of any smartphone including iPhones is the cracked screen. It just takes a little pressure or a slight impact and those cracks start covering the display. This is one of the most common repairs completed at cell phone repair stores.
  2. Non-charging batteries. Whether your battery was water damaged or is just worn out, a non-charging battery can be swapped out in minutes at a local repair store.
  3. Speaker issues. Microphones and speakers on your iPhone can become damaged or wear out. In most cases you can have them repaired or replaced on the spot.
  4. Touchscreen repairs. If the touchscreen interface is not working like it should, it may be damaged or need replacement.
  5. Internal issues. If your iPhone is not functioning correctly, you may have internal software or app issues. Most cell phone repair services can trouble shoot your iPhone and often resolve common internal issues right in a store in your city.

Don’t waste money on buying a new phone or go through the hassle of sending your iPhone to a repair service in another state. Next time you damage your iPhone or begin having technical issues, call your local cell phone repair store to schedule a same day iPhone repair.

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