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Cell Phone Repairs

In recent years, smart phones have become very integrated into our daily lives to the extent that most people cannot function in their daily business and personal lives without these devices.  In many cases, these devices have replaced the personal computer for many functions including Internet access, email, schedules and note pads.  The integration is so complete, that most people would be in a real bind if their smart phone were to stop working and they were to lose the data stored on the device. 

One of the most popular of all of the smart phones on the market is the Samsung family of smart phones including the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3.  While extremely popular, these phones are also very expensive, especially if they stop functioning properly due to a broken touch screen, water damage or a dead battery.  In many cases the owner would be required to purchase a new phone if the non functional phone was not insured or if the customer was not eligible for a phone upgrade or discounted phone thru their carrier.  In the past cell phone repairs were just not possible. 

Now if is possible to have the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 repaired by a highly trained and experienced technician!  Repairs include touch screen replacement, water damage diagnostic and battery replacement.  In addition, it is possible to have the repairs done at one of many conveniently located repair facilities or the technician can come to the customer’s home of office location.  In all cases, the cost of the repairs is very reasonable and the repairs are quickly done.

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