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Don’t Replace Your Cell Phone – Repair It!

Cell phones, especially smartphones like iPhones and Samsung Galaxies, are not cheap. In fact, many of these smartphones cost as much as a computer. The problem is that although they can perform incredible functions, these phones are very vulnerable to damage. Even with cases and covers for protection, it is common for these cell phones to have impact, water or pressure damage. If this happens to your expensive phone, what do you do? Before you fork out hundreds of dollars for a new phone, consider repair.

A decade ago, no one would spend the money to repair a cell phone. It was less expensive to just buy a new one or get an early upgrade for a nearly free phone. However, times have changed and it is more expensive to replace these new mini-computers. Instead, many people are choosing to repair their cell phones at local repair shops in malls and shopping centers. The benefit of repair over replacement includes:

  • Save money. Repairs on cracked screens or battery replacement are a fraction of the cost of replacement.
  • Keep your phone. You love your phone and are finally used to all its functions, so why start again with a new phone?
  • Save time. Getting a new phone means switching all your applications and features over to your new phone, which can take hours to complete.

The next time you drop your cell phone into the pool or accidentally sit on it, cracking the screen, bring it to your local cell phone repair shop. Often they can fix your cell phone in just a few minutes while you wait. It is a faster, easier way to get your phone looking and working like new again without the hassle or expense of replacement.

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