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Should You Repair or Sell Your Broken Mobile Device?

You spend hundreds of dollars to have the latest mobile phone or device, making a substantial investment. So what should you do if your mobile device is broken? Unlike a decade ago, you do have options beyond just upgrading to a new device when availability eventually opens on your account. In many circumstances, you may be able to have your device repaired at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Another option is selling your device for cash, giving you money to spend on your new phone or tablet. Which is the best option for your broken device? 

Repairing Your Device

For many, repairing their existing device is the most affordable option. However, it depends on what needs to be repaired and the age of the device. For newer phones and tablets, it’s usually worth investigating repairs versus replacement. Some types of repairs that can be done on devices such as iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and iPad devices are:

–          Black screen replacement

–          White screen replacement

–          Water damage

–          Battery replacement

Since most newer devices will cost hundreds of dollars to replace, a repair can be a viable option. For older models or severely damaged devices, it may be best to consider selling and replacing with a new device, though. 

Getting the Best Price for Your Broken Device

Even a non-functioning mobile device can be worth money. To get the best price for your old device, consider selling to a mobile device repair company. Since they are in the business of repairing these devices, they often will offer the best price for your broken phone or tablet, saving you money on the purchase of a new device.

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