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Consider a Central Vacuum System

Once considered a high end luxury item, central vacuum systems have become more affordable and are now considered a cost effective home cleaning solution.  Prices of good quality portable vacuum cleaners have increased as more and more features have been added.   Meanwhile, the cost of a fully installed central vacuum system has declined.  The result is that the gap between the cost of a central vacuum system and a portable vacuum has decreased to the point where a central vacuum system should be seriously considered when purchasing a vacuum.

The initial cost of an installed central vacuum system will be several times the cost of a good quality portable vacuum cleaner, but a central vacuum will last far longer than any portable vacuum.  Central vacuum systems typically last at least ten to twenty years with minimal maintenance.

During that time, most portable vacuums will have been replaced many times making the total cost of the central vacuum system the same or less than purchasing several portable vacuum.  In addition, the central vacuum system increases the value of your home and provides far superior cleaning.

Central vacuum systems are not just for newly constructed homes.  In fact, most central vacuum systems are installed in existing homes.  An experienced professional vacuum installer can install a complete system in most homes in less than a day without having to destroy walls or any other damage.  Central vacuum systems are specifically designed for ease of installation in existing homes.

Some homeowners have even installed central vacuum systems themselves, but for an effective, powerful system that will look professional and last for years, it’s well worth the cost of professional installation.  Get estimates from two or three reputable central vacuum system contractors and make sure the contractor you choose is experienced and fully licensed and insured.

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