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What is a Cold Cure Conveyor Repair?

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When the cover or carcass components of a conveyor belt is damaged, replacement is not always necessary. There are repair options available, including a cold cure repair. This option replaces the needed materials and “cold cures” them into place. This can create a seamless repair to the belt to extend the life; it also is a quick solution when you want to limit impact on your production.

There are two methods used to adhere new belt materials for repair: vulcanized and cold cure. Both secure the new materials in place, but each uses a different method. Vulcanized repairs use heat and pressure to repair the belt. Cold cure uses chemicals to complete the repair and is best for repairs to belts that are gouged, worn or have scoring.

Completing a Cold Cure Repair

It is important to have expertise and patience when completing a cold cure conveyor belt repair. The damaged area must be carefully trimmed to remove all the damage and the new patch or replacement material must to cut to match. With cold curing, it is important to have a dry, clean environment to ensure the cement and putty will cure correctly. Once the new section is cemented in place, a roller can be used to smooth the surface. It is important to test the belt on a lower tension at a lower feed rate to ensure the repair will hold before returning to regular operation.

While cold cure repairs can extend the life of your belt, they must be carefully completed to hold. Having a reliable conveyor service company that can repair or replace belts as needed on-call is important to ensure your production line keeps moving.

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