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What is the Difference Between Standard and Metric Timing Belts?

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If you have industrial manufacturing equipment, there is a good chance you have machinery that requires a timing belt. These belts regulate the movement of shafts or camshafts, needing precision in the “timing” to function correctly. Machinery used for cutting, stamping and other manufacturing processes often require a timing belt, just like most vehicles. There are metric and standard timing belts used for machinery – knowing the difference is important when it comes to replacement.

Standard Timing Belts

For equipment made for use in the U.S., most use a standard timing belt. These belts are designed to work on the standard U.S. measurement system. Timing belts come with specifications that are all based on weights and measurements. If the timing belt needed must be a certain length, tensile strength, pitch size and tension strength, these measurements will be in U.S. standard.

Metric Timing Belts

Equipment and machinery made in other countries may use metric timing belts. These belts perform the same as standard timing belts but all attributes are based on the metric measurement system. It is important to know which type of belt you will need and the exact specifications needed before you contact a supplier.

Customized Timing Belts

In some cases, the equipment you use may no longer have parts available. It is not uncommon for timing belts on older equipment to be no longer in stock. In some cases, you may need to have a timing belt customized to fit your equipment.

If you need a new timing belt for your production line equipment, contact an industrial supplier that offers standard, metric and customized timing belts to ensure you get the right belt for your needs.

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