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Potential Conveyor Belt Problems

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Conveyor belts are a key component to productivity in many industries. A breakdown can bring everything to a halt, impacting every aspect of the business. Manufacturing can stop; shipments can be delayed, all due to a belt problem on your conveyor. Knowing the top conveyor belt problems and how to fix or trouble shoot them can help minimize slowdowns in your business’ productivity. Here are some of the top potential conveyor belt problems.

Materials Sticking to the Belt (Carryover)

When small amounts of material get stuck to the belt, it can cause issues in the conveyor system. When these materials carryover, they can be pulled under the conveyor and accumulate in pulleys, rollers and other mechanisms. Keeping the belt clean can prevent premature wear on the belt and breakdowns in the system.

Tracking Issues

Mistracking is one of the main causes of belt deterioration. Poorly fitted belts, tension problems and material buildup all can cause mistracking. It is best to have a conveyor belt service professional inspect the system and find the issue to get your conveyor back on track to prevent unscheduled stoppage of your production line.

Worn or Damaged Belts

Belts that wear out quickly or sustain constant damage are bound to slow down productivity. Belts are expensive to fix and replace but are needed to keep your conveyor functional. Inspect belts regularly to identify belt damage and fix as needed – routine cleaning and maintenance can help minimize premature belt damage and lower costs on replacement.

Preventing belt problems can save downtime costs and increase profits for your business. Stay on top of maintenance with routine inspections and service to reduce potential conveyor belt problems.

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