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Why Is My Home’s Foundation Sinking?

One of the first questions many people have when they find out their house is sinking or settling, is “Why?” Why is it sinking and why now? Many people assume that it is simply age, that over time a house will settle. Yet, many newer homes can have a sinking foundation. Here’s why foundations sink or settle and what can be done to fix them.

Changes in the Soil

Soil is what supports your foundation – if your foundation is sinking, it is usually due to problem with the soil beneath it. For older homes, that soil may have been solid for many decades, but something changed the composition. This can be erosion from water (floods, water leaks, etc.), excessive tree roots and weather conditions. Soil with heavy amounts of clay are more prone to problems because clay swells with water and shrinks when dry, causing shifts in a foundation.

For newer homes with sinking foundations, it is often due to a poorly filled lot. If the soil is not properly compacted, the house can settle and sink, causing possible structural problems if the issue is not resolved. Unexpected water erosion can also be to blame, from natural disasters, plumbing leaks or localized flooding.

At the first signs that a foundation is sinking or settling, it is important to begin sinking foundation repairs right away. Settling can cause extensive damage to the house’s structure. However, if a foundation expert can begin work quickly, the damage can be minimized. Lifting and stabilizing the foundation can give the house the support it needs to protect it from further settling and structure damage. The important factor is having a foundation expert quickly assess the problem and begin repairing the issue before it gets worse.

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