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Is Your Porch, Steps or Deck Sinking?

Have you noticed a lean or sag in your front steps or stoop? Is your porch or deck uneven? These are common problems that happen when footings begin to sink or settle on older homes. Not only does this devalue your home aesthetically, it can be dangerous for you, your family and your guests. The good news is that these settling issues can be fixed, often without needing to replace the entire structure above.

Resolving Sinking or Settling Footings

The cause of most sinking or leaning porches, decks or steps is not the structure itself, but the footings or foundation that it is braced upon. Posts, footings and foundations will settle over time, allowing the structure above to become uneven. This can lead to many issues, including:

  • Cracked or uneven steps
  • Cracked or uneven porches or stoops
  • Leaning decks
  • Disconnected joints in railings

In many cases, an experienced masonry or foundation specialist can resolve the issue without needing to replace the entire structure. Foundation experts can use specialized equipment and techniques to permanently fix settling issues so that the base for footings or posts are level and secure. Those with expertise in masonry can also fix cracks and other damage caused by the settled foundation, making concrete or brick porches and steps safe and beautiful again.

If you have settling problems surrounding the entrances to your home, don’t wait to have them repaired. The more the posts, footings or foundations sink, the most damage they will cause to the structure. Call a foundation and masonry expert to evaluate the problem and offer solutions to get your steps, porch or deck back on even ground.

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