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Signs of Basement Foundation Issues

If your home has a basement, it relies on the stability of the basement foundation as part of the structural integrity. Over time, your basement walls and underlying foundation can become damaged, putting your entire structure at risk. Be aware of the signs that your basement foundation may need repair to avoid costly damage to the rest of your home.

  • Bowed basement walls. A definite sign you need to call a masonry expert is bowed basement walls. If your basement walls have begun to bow inward or outward, do not wait any longer to have a foundation inspection and repair completed.
  • Cracks in basement walls. Another sign of foundation issues is cracks in the concrete or bricks of your basement walls. If you have a finished basement, these cracks can form in the drywall covering your walls. Keep an eye out for any cracks on the inside or outside of your basement walls or in any masonry throughout your home.
  • Sagging windows and doors. Have you noticed that the windows and doors in your basement are sagging? This is a sign of a foundation problem that can quickly endanger the structure of your home. When windows won’t open or doors begin to stick, call in a masonry or foundation expert to inspect your basement.

Any foundation issue should be taken seriously and undergo immediate repair. Even a small change in the foundation can affect the entire structure of your home, putting excessive pressure on joints and beams that keep your home in place. If you notice any of these signs, call a local masonry expert that specializes in foundation repairs to protect the large investment you have in your home.

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