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Wood Garage Doors vs. Metal

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Are you researching new garage doors? There are many different aspects to consider when choosing a new garage door, from style and design to insulation, wind resistance and other features. However, one of the first decisions is what type of garage door you want. The two highest quality garage doors are wood and metal, both with their own advantages and drawbacks. Here is a quick comparison to help you decide which is right for your garage.

Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors can be a beautiful, durable option for your home and garage. A solid wood door can be stained for a classic style that adds curb appeal to your home. For authentic-appearing carriage-style doors, wood is a wonderful choice. However, wood does tend to be more extensive when you choose a higher quality door. While there are thin particle wood doors that are much cheaper, they are less secure and durable than solid wood.

Metal Garage Doors

There are a few different types of metal used to make garage door. However, steel garage doors are the most durable and withstand dents much better than thinner metals. Steel garage doors are a popular option. They are often less expensive than wood, but they can be painted to look like wood or come in many colors and designs.

If you want a high-quality garage door, both solid wood and steel doors are great options. The biggest differences between the two is style and cost. Talk to your local garage door service company. They can go over the options available for your garage and help you decide which option is the best for your needs.

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