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5 Features to Consider for Your New Golf Cart

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Whether you are buying a golf cart for the course or for personal transportation, you want to ensure you get the right features for your needs. Just like any vehicle you buy, golf carts have a wide variety of feature options to make them more versatile and comfortable. From stereos and heaters to street legal options, you can customize your golf cart to meet your expectations. Here are five features to consider when ordering your new golf cart.

  1. Wheels. You have many options on the wheels and tires for your golf cart. If you want a customized look, low profile tires and custom wheels can transform the look of your cart. Going on trails or in the woods? Consider off-road tires for better traction.
  2. Street legal kits. Give your golf cart more versatility with a street legal kit that can transform your cart into an economical vehicle to use on the road.
  3. Custom paint. If you don’t want to settle for the standard golf cart colors, opt for a customized paint job that can reflect your unique style.
  4. Amenities. What will make you more comfortable in your golf cart? Fans, heaters, stereos and other amenities can make your new cart a joy to spend time in.
  5. Safety features. It may be just a golf cart but you still want to be safe when driving around the course, neighborhood or property. Rear view mirrors, extended windshields and other safety features can protect you and your passengers.

Get the golf cart that will meet all your function and style expectations. Talk to your local golf cart dealer about packages and pricing for adding the features that will make your new golf cart reflect your personality and needs.

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