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Benefits of Owning a Street Legal Golf Cart

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Golf carts are no longer just for the guys wearing bright colored pants on the course. You see them in airports, at amusement parks and at almost any business that has a large amount of property. One other place you are beginning to see more and more of these small utility vehicles is on the street. Street legal golf carts are becoming more popular for quick transportation that is green and cost effective.

Uses of a Street Legal Utility Cart

Street legal golf or utility carts have a few different features than a recreational model. They are equipped with additional safety features like windshields, seat belts and even rear view mirrors. They also must be able to travel the speed limit of a residential area, usually about 35 MPH. Each state and municipality may have different laws on what golf carts must have to be considered street legal.

So what can you use a street legal cart for and what are the benefits? Here are a few reasons people invest in these versatile vehicles.

  • Neighborhood vehicle. If you live in a neighborhood or community that has amenities like a club house, store or pool that are blocks away from your home, a street legal cart is a great way to quickly get around the neighborhood.
  • College campuses. Going from one end of campus to another is quicker and easier with a street legal cart.
  • Green option. Golf carts are very energy efficient and are easy on the environment. They offer a green option for local transportation in areas with low speed limits.

For short trips, street legal golf carts can be a great way to get around. They are economical, easy to park and perfect for those who cannot walk for long distances. Just make sure to check the laws in your area on what features must be included on your cart to make it street legal.

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