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Not every golf cart needs to look the same, when it easy to have any golf cart customized to meet both your needs and your personality.  There are a number of customized safety, performance and cosmetic available for all models of gas or electric golf carts, including those manufactured by Yamaha, E-Z-Go and Club Car.  These custom features and upgrades are affordable and in most cases can be completed quickly by a qualified technician experienced in working on these vehicles. 

One of the most popular safety customization projects available is the installation of various products to make the golf cart street legal, as well as safe to operate on roads.  These products include such things as mirrors, turn signals and seat belts.  In addition, some customers, especially those with children, want speed chips installed in the cart to limit the speed of the cart. 

There are a number of customized performance options available as well including large 10” tires, off road tires and lift kits.  Often owners who want to be able to use their custom golf carts in more rugged terrain select these customized options.  The large wheels and lift kits provide additional ground clearance, while the of road tires increase traction in off road conditions. 

A custom paint job is one of the most popular of all custom cosmetic options available for golf cars.  The cart can be painted in a wide variety of colors and finishes, in addition, car like features such as fenders can be fabricated as well.    Another option is to have the seats of the cart recovered with a variety of different fabrics and leathers.  

The only thing that limits the available custom features on a golf cart is the owner’s imagination!

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