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Customizing Your Golf or Utility Cart

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If you already own a golf cart or are considering buying a new model, there are many options available to customize your golf or utility cart. The basic equipment of most golf carts can be upgraded to include many options that can improve the comfort, look and functionality of your cart. Whether you want better protection for inclement weather or want your golf cart to reflect your personal style, there are many features available to make your cart function and look more like a recreational vehicle versus the standard golf cart. 

Utility Cart Customization Options

Whether you use your golf cart on the course, in the woods or it’s used for your business, there are many options to add function and a little luxury to your cart. From stylish wheels to improved cover, these features are becoming very popular for utility cart owners to personalize their vehicles. Some of the most popular customization options include: 

  • Stereos. If you spend a lot of time in your utility cart, a nice option is adding a stereo to give you access to your favorite music and radio shows.
  • Enclosures. Don’t get soaked the next time inclement weather rolls in while you are out in your cart. Enclosures give you better protection from rain and wind.
  • Wheels and tires. Larger tires and Mag wheels are popular options to improve the look and function of your utility cart.
  • Heat and cooling options. Whether it is hot or cold outside, you can improve the comfort of your golf cart with the addition of a heater and cooling fans. 

Your local golf cart dealer can educate you on all the incredible features that are available for your golf or utility cart. Upgrade your cart for a higher level of style and comfort.

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