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Do You Have Golf Cart Envy?

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When you head out on the course with your golf cart, are you a little embarrassed of your old cart? As other golfers zip by in new carts with all the bells and whistles, you may be a little envious. But if your existing golf cart still runs, it can be hard to justify spending money on a new cart. Here are some options to explore to give you a golf cart that you can be proud to own.

Add Some Accessories

If you are not ready to buy a new cart, consider adding some new accessories to your golf cart. You can add some new wheels, get a paint job or bolster the stereo system. A few little changes can make your golf cart look like new and give it a few more amenities until you decide it is time to upgrade to a new model. A quick customization can make a big difference in updating your old golf cart.

Trade-in for a New Cart

If your existing cart still runs and drives, you are more likely to get a higher trade-in. Many golf cart dealers sell used golf carts and will take used models in as trade. You can get the most value for your cart and find a new model that will make you the envy of the golf course. Make sure to ask about all the new options for your new cart to ensure it has everything you want and need.

Don’t live with an inferior golf cart. Head over to your local golf cart dealer and talk about updating your golf cart or springing for a new model with a trade-in this summer.

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