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Is a Golf Cart the Ultimate Dad Gift?

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Whether it is Christmas, a birthday or Father’s Day, dads are notoriously difficult to surprise with a good gift. For some reason, these male pillars of strength, advice and support are not easy to find a gift that really tickles their fancy. For the next special occasion that requires a gift for your dad, here is an idea. Consider buying him a golf cart. This is not just for golfers – many people can use a golf cart for personal transportation. Here are some dads that might appreciate their own golf cart.

  • Campers and RV owners. Have a dad that spends weeks traveling from campground to campground in their RV or just camps on the weekends? Golf carts are excellent for campgrounds, giving dad a quick way to jet down to the water or up to the campground store.
  • Retirement living. If your dad is retired and lives in a retirement community, a golf cart with a street legal kit could be an excellent gift. Dad can get around the neighborhood and to the clubhouse with an economical cart.
  • Dads that like to hunt, trap shoot or just go out in the woods to enjoy nature can use a golf cart. Choose a more rugged, gas model for longer trips into the wilderness.
  • Of course, if dad is a golfer, a golf cart is a perfect gift, especially if he doesn’t already have one of his own.

Golf carts are affordable and you can find quality used models at your local dealer. Next time it comes time to find the ultimate gift for dad, stop by and check out the possibilities at your local golf cart dealer.

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