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What to Look for When Purchasing a Used Golf Cart

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Whenever you purchase a used vehicle, it can be risky. You never know if there are hidden issues that could cost you more down the road. The same is true of a used golf cart. Even if it seems to be in good condition, there could be problems that are not apparent. Before you purchase a previously-owned golf cart, here are a few tips to help ensure it is a good investment.

  • Age. How old is the cart? If it is more than fifteen years old, you could run into issues getting parts for repairs. Be careful buying too old of a cart as it may not have much life left in it, even if it was lightly used. Most golf carts made after 2005 will have a tracker in place that can tell you the number of hours and cycles it has used.
  • Batteries. For electric golf carts, batteries are one of the most expensive components to replace. Ask about when they were last replaced. If it has been over a year, you can expect that you will need to replace them soon. Also look for bulging or corrosion, signs that the batteries are at the end of their life cycles.
  • Refurbished or used? Many dealers will sell refurbished golf carts that have had maintenance done to ensure they are reliable. Be careful of “as-is” used carts bought from private owners; you may want to have it brought in and inspected to determine the condition by a local golf cart dealer.

Buying a used golf cart can save you money, but you want to ensure it is going to be reliable. Check with your local golf cart dealer to see if they have used models for sale that have been inspected or refurbished to protect your investment.

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