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Do You Need Insurance for Your Golf Cart?

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You have insurance on your home, vehicles and many other items you own, but do you have insurance on your golf cart? Many people never think about whether insurance is needed for their golf cart, but it may be wise to consider adding it for your protection. In most cases, golf cart insurance is inexpensive, but may come in handy if there is an accident. There are two main options for golf cart insurance: a homeowner’s endorsement and separate auto coverage. Here is the basics on each type and when they are appropriate.

Homeowner’s Endorsement

In many cases, an endorsement can be added to your homeowner’s insurance policy to cover your golf cart. This is usually used when a golf cart is only used for golfing or on your personal property. This is the least expensive option for coverage, but it is limited. If you use your golf cart as personal transportation on neighborhood streets, a separate policy may be needed for better coverage.

Auto/Vehicle Coverage

Your golf cart can be covered as a separate vehicle, protecting you in the event you are in an accident on the street or off your property. If you have a street-legal golf cart, this may be the best option for covering you when you are using your cart as a personal transportation vehicle. Some homeowner associations may require that you have insurance on your golf cart if you use it on the neighborhood streets.

To find out more about golf cart coverage, talk to your local golf cart dealer. They can recommend insurance agents that offer specialized coverage and other safety features you can add to protect against accidents and make your golf cart safer for use.

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