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Top Brands in Quality Utility Carts

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When it comes to buying a new street vehicle, brand integrity is important. The same is true when buying a golf or utility cart. While there are many brands to choose from, you want a brand that has earned a reputation for quality, dependability and durability. Whether you just need a simple golf cart to bring to the course or want a more rugged utility cart for expeditions into the woods, choosing the right brand and model for your needs could help protect your investment. Here are some of the top brands that offer a quality product that you can count on.


A pioneer in golf cart manufacturing, EZ-GO has set the standard for quality in the industry. The company was started over fifty years ago and grew from a small Georgia company to an industrial leader in golf and utility carts.

Bad Boy Buggies

Bad Boy Buggies was started in 2003 and quickly became known for their rugged off-road electric carts that offered 4WD and low emissions that could withstand the call of the wild. The company was acquired by EZ-GO in 2010, allowing them to expand their line of quality vehicles for outdoor enthusiasts.

Cushman Carts

The Cushman name has been around for over a century, creating dependable motors and vehicles for commercial and utility applications worldwide. It is owned by Textron, Inc., the parent company of EZ-GO.

Although all three of these are related through their affiliation with Textron, Inc., each has their own excellent reputation for the carts they produce. To find out more about which of these brands will best suit your needs, talk to your local utility cart dealer that offers these fine brands.

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