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Control4 Home Automation Technology

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When it comes to home automation technology, Control4 is a brand that most people have heard of. As a leading provider of automation solutions, Control4 manufactures a wide range of products designed to “control and automate lighting, music, video, security and energy” in a residential or commercial property.

Control4 products are designed to work with the electronics, appliances, security system, lighting system, heating system, and other features already existing in a home or business place. Control4 products are compatible with over 7,000 third-party electronic devices and are distributed and installed by more than 2,200 certified Control4 dealers in the United States.  Many of the products can be installed by a professional within a few hours. Consumers can choose to start with a few features and increase the level of automation over time.

A typical Control4 home automation system includes a central hub called a ‘controller’, which connects and manages all the devices in the home, and any number of Control4 devices which may include wall keypads, touch screens, remote controls, cameras, door bolts, light switches and dimmers, media players, thermostats, apps, software, sensors and more. The integrated system is programmed to perform a customized range of “smart” actions such as automatically turning off the lights when a room in unoccupied or automatically closing windows blinds at a certain time of the day. Family members can use the system to communicate with each other in different parts of the house; parents can use it to monitor the baby’s room; and much more. 

Control4 automation and control systems can go a long way in making your home more energy efficient, and add a new dimension of convenience and safety to any business or home environment.

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