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Does Your Homes Soffit or Fascia Need Repair?

The roof system of your home is more complicated than it might seem. To the novice, it can seem that the two main components are the roof and gutters. While this may be true, there are other elements that play an important role in the function of your roof system. Two of these items are the soffit and fascia that are incorporated into the eaves of your roof.

What Is a Soffit?

The soffit is the surface that is under the eave or overhang on your home’s roof. This small “ceiling” is used to help keep moisture away from the home and can be part of the ventilation of your attic. Many soffits contain ventilation holes that allow moisture to escape that can cause mold or damage inside the home.

What Is Fascia?

The boards that edge the roof facing out are fascia. These can connect to the soffit, rafters and trusses in your roof and protect the roof’s edge from exposure. They are also important for the aesthetic appeal of your home, giving the roof outline a smooth, even exterior.

Both the soffit and fascia play important roles in protecting your roof and home from moisture and the elements. Because they are the first line of defense, they can also become damaged or rotted. Damage to your soffit can entice insects and rodents into your attic and home; fascia boards that are damaged can lead to expensive roof rot.

If you notice that the soffit or fascia on your home looks damaged, have it repaired immediately. These small elements are essential to protect your roof and home from expensive damage from moisture and pest invasion.

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