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Fire Alarm Repairs

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If you are a homeowner, own or operate a business, or you own or lease a building and have invested in a fire alarm system, it is very important to keep it in good operating condition.  A fire alarm that does not function properly puts your family, employees, customers, and property at risk.  Avoid an unnecessary tragedy by keeping your fire alarm in good repair.

In addition, a fire alarm that malfunctions frequently can lead to complacency.  A fire alarm that gives frequent false alarms is almost as dangerous as a fire alarm that does not work at all.  Just like the boy who cried wolf, if a true emergency arises there is an increased risk that your family, employees and others will assume that the alarm is just another false alarm.   Frequent false alarms also cause lost work hours and negatively affects productivity.

Ignoring known issues with your fire alarms system not only endangers your family, employees and customers, but there is potential for exposure to not only civil liabilities but criminal penalties as well.  Also, your insurance coverage could be affected by any failure to have your fire alarm repaired as quickly as possible.

Regular service and repair of your fire alarm system should be part of the routine maintenance schedule.  Never attempt to repair or service your fire alarm system yourself.  This could invalidate any warranty and could result in an unreliable fire alarm system.  You should have any necessary fire alarm repairs and service performed by a trained fire alarm technician who has experience on your system.  Even the most basic fire alarm systems are complicated and require special skills.

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