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Adding Conveyor Belts to Your Retail Food Business

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So you started a small business making candies or homemade-style cookies for sale. It was always your dream to share your specialty food items with the public. The good news is that your product is a hit! You have more orders than you can fill and now you need to expand your operation. One thing you may need as part of your manufacturing operation is a conveyor belt. However, there are considerations when buying a conveyor for a food manufacturing operation.

Food Grade Standards

If you food items will be riding on a conveyor belt to be packaged, you will need to take special precautions when purchasing your new belt. Conveyor belts for food must meet health regulations, plus there are some other considerations as well. When choosing your new conveyor belt, keep these factors in mind.

  • Heat and cold. If your food will be either hot or cold, your belt will need to be specialized for those conditions. Food grade belts can be customized to ensure they don’t crack or melt from extreme temperatures.
  • Staining. Food that is brightly colored or has residual liquid can stain your belts. You may need a specialized coating to protect your belt such as silicone.
  • Non-stick. For food items that have a sticky exterior, you will want food grade belts that are coated for a non-stick surface. Teflon is a popular coating for food grade conveyor belts.
  • USDA approval. Any belt you choose for a retail food operation must meet USDA standard for health.

To ensure you get the right conveyor belt for your expanding retail food business, consult with a conveyor belt company that specializes in food grade conveyor belts. They can provide you with the right belts to meet your business’ needs.

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