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Create A Pest-Free Yard For Your Family

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There is nothing better than relaxing in your yard with your family and friends. Some of the best memories can be those times right at home, with your loved ones out enjoying the sun while food is cooking on the grill. Unfortunately, these good times can be ruined when pests take over your yard and begin to make a meal out of your guests as well as putting everyone’s health at risk. Protect these precious memories and your family’s health by creating a pest-free yard with an automated pest control system. 

Benefits Of An Automated Pest Control System

Bug sprays, zappers and other pest control systems only focus on one or a few pests that can invade your backyard. For a truly pest-free yard, the best solution is an automated misting system that targets over a hundred different types of bugs consistently, and is safe for your family and pets. Some of the other benefits of an automated pest control system include:

  • Killing biting pests – Stop mosquitoes, biting flies, ticks, bees and fleas from biting your family, guests and pets. Not only are biting bugs annoying, they can carry dangerous diseases.
  • Safe insecticide – Choose a system that uses pyrethrum, an insecticide that kills most types of insects yet is safe for humans, pets and other mammals.
  • Automated mist – These reliable systems mist your yard on an automated schedule, keeping pests at bay around the clock. 

Keep those bugs away and create a safe, comfortable pest-free yard with the use of an automated pest control system. You can finally relax and enjoy time in your yard with your family and friends without all those uninvited pests! Call an experienced installation professional to discuss the best automated pest control system for your property.

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