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How to Keep Your Yard Free of Mosquitos

Posted in Insect Control

When most people think of controlling the mosquitoes in their yard, they usually think of individual spray cans, hand held foggers. If considering a professional, they probably think of a periodic spraying of all their foliage. But, today’s pest control company may have the ability to design and engineer an insect spray system equipped with automatic timers. In addition to being automatic, today’s spray systems can come with override features for periodic “misting” as per the owner’s perceived need. Because an automated misting system is cyclically structured and continued on an ongoing basis, it is truly the best defense against mosquitoes and other unwanted insects.

Most spray systems come in various sizes to meet the individual needs of your outdoor space. Some systems contain back-up battery timers in the event of a power failure. Remote controls can also be an advantage for overriding the preset cycles with occasional misting. Generally, much like lawn irrigation systems, automated mosquito control systems are comprised of components (such as stainless steel) that are less prone to wear from prolonged weather exposure; thus, preserving the system from the elements.  Further care is taken to ensure values that don’t drip (due to the sensitive nature of insecticide), as well as appropriately angled spray nozzles, and shut off values. The flow rate of the automated mosquito spray is precisely controlled.

You should expect a two-year warranty on all parts and labor. Some companies may even offer a 100%  money-back guarantee if you are  not satisfied with their system. Automated mosquito control systems are definitely designed with the consumer in mind because they are dependable and reliable with ease of operation. Call your local pest control company today and get back out into your yard to enjoy summer!

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