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iPad Screen Replacement

iPads are amazing devices that allow access to the Internet, email, video, music and tens of thousands of entertainment, lifestyle and productivity applications or “apps”.  In addition, they have a video and a still camera that take pretty good pictures.  If you are a apple user they can be easily synchronized with your other Apple products.  In many cases iPads have replaced the computer, because of their capabilities and portability.  While generally very durable, the screen on the iPad can be easily damaged, especially if the optional cover is not used.

In the past a broken screen on a iPad was a disaster, with the only alternative being to replace the device.  This was especially painful as the prices on the iPad can be over $1,000, depending on the model.  Now it is possible to replace the front glass and LCD and touch-screen on the iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3 and the iPad mini with the iPad screen replacement being made by certified technicians, who have the specialized training, equipment and parts necessary to repair iPads.

In many cases it is possible to have the iPad repair done in the same day by stopping by one of the many repair facilities.   Alternatively, the repair company can send a certified technician to the customer’s home or business to repair the device on the spot.  The first step to take if faced with a damaged iPad screen is to either call or email a certified technician to discuss the damage and plan the next step in getting the device back up and running.  While the repaired device comes with a warranty on the repair, the owner may want to consider one of those bright covers for their iPad in the future!

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