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iPhone Water Damage Repair

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As with most things electronic, the iPhone and water do not mix.   Accidents however happen all of the time where a person’s iPhone will drop out of their pocket when walking in the rain towards their car or get wet when their young child is playing with it in the bathroom. 

No matter how it happens once it is wet, in most cases, it stops working and is a big problem!  In the past, the solution to the problem was to hope you had an insurance policy on the phone or you ended up paying the full price for a new phone, if you were not eligible for an upgrade from your carrier and the device was not insured.  Now it is possible in most cases for a highly trained and certified technician to restore a wet iPhone in less than 1 hour! 

The process to have the iPhone repair is quick, painless and economical.  The first step is to contact the certified repair technician, by phone, to discuss the damage, as soon as the device gets wet.  The technician will tell you what steps must be immediately taken in order to increase the chances of the iPhone being restored. 

The next step is to drop off the phone to the nearest repair facility or to have the technician visit the owner’s home or business to make the repairs on the spot.  The repair involves giving the device a thorough ultrasonic cleaning.  Once the iPhone is cleaned, it will usually function just like it did before it got wet.

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