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Repairing Your iPhone Screen Instead of Buying a New iPhone

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Most people enter a 2-year contract with their wireless or cell phone provider when purchasing a new iPhone.

Oftentimes, you’ll receive a discount or subsidy from your wireless provider who reduces the cost of your new iPhone from as much as $599 to about $199. Your wireless provider is quite comfortable offering you such a discount because they usually bind you to at least 2 years of service. Typically, this is a win-win for your wireless provider and you…as long as your iPhone is still operational for the entire two years. If not, then you’ll find yourself in quite a dilemma.

Your iPhone Dilemma

The reason for such a dilemma is because you simply can’t purchase another iPhone for the discount rate ($199). The discount or subsidy provided by your wireless provider only covers your first device.

Therefore, if your iPhone’s screen gets cracked or shatters, you won’t be able to use your device. In such cases, you’ll end up paying full price ($599 or more) to get a replacement phone. And, even purchasing a used iPhone is often a bit more expensive than getting a new discounted iPhone from your wireless provider.

Knowing Your Options

It’s important and beneficial to know what options you have if your iPhone screen needs repair. Depending on the damage done, your iPhone’s warranty may cover it. But, it also may not.

Therefore, if you’re in a situation in which your iPhone repairs are not covered by warranty, then your best option is to find a specialist that can repair your iPhone’s screen. An iPhone screen repair company is perhaps your most inexpensive option. Otherwise, you’ll have to lay down hundreds of your hard-earned dollars to replace your iPhone. So, if you want to avoid the unnecessary expense of a new iPhone, simply find a reputable company to fix the screen. This can save you lots of cash.

Posted on behalf of Dru Pio, iDeviceMD


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