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Buying a New Home? Don’t Forget the Chimney Inspection

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When you are searching for a new home, you want to ensure that this giant purchase is protected. It is standard to have a home inspection performed to understand any possible problems with the house. While this can cover many aspects from the foundation to the structural integrity, it does not cover everything. If your potential home has a fireplace and masonry chimney, add a high level chimney inspection to your list of ‘do’s” before you buy.During a standard home inspection, they will generally include an inspection the chimney for damage. However, this is a very basic look for any obvious problems. If the chimney is leaning or has visual damage to the structure, it will most likely be caught. However, big problems could be lurking under the surface of a chimney that looks structurally sound.

There are many different components in a chimney and factors that can affect the structure and safety. There are also different levels of chimney inspections that look at these components. Chimney inspections come in three levels, with number three being the most comprehensive. The levels include:

  • Level 1. A basic inspection of the accessible areas of the chimney for any problems, including the interior, exterior and connections.
  • Level 2. The next level goes above and beyond level 1 by also inspecting deeper into the chimney with a camera, plus other areas like the basement or attic. In many cases a level 2 is required for selling a home – check with your realtor.
  • Level 3. Level 3 is the most comprehensive inspection available, uncovering any structural issues that may be hiding inside the chimney.

Don’t risk an expensive chimney problem down the road. Insist on a level 3 chimney inspection by an experienced masonry company, especially on older homes with fireplaces, before you buy.

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