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Common Causes of Brick Issues in Your Home

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Some of the oldest homes have been constructed from brick, a testimonial to the durability of masonry for long-lasting structures. However, even quality brick and masonry construction can need repair and maintenance. If you own an older brick home, you can expect that eventually you will need masonry repairs. Here are some common brick construction issues and what to look for it your masonry needs repair.

Foundation Settlement

A common reason that brick or masonry work cracks is settlement in the foundation of the home. These “stair step cracks” can begin small and grow as more settlement occurs. Luckily, these issues are easily repaired when you hire an experienced masonry company.

Another sign of foundation settlement or structural damage is bowing or bulging walls. Unlike stair step cracks, this is a sign of a serious underlying issue. However, it can be remedied if foundation repairs are made quickly by a masonry or foundation expert.

Steel Expansion

Masonry is often held in place by a steel framework underneath, especially in doors and windows. Steel can expand, causing damage to the brick work. Often a crack will appear in the upper corners of a garage door or window. The steel lintels that support these openings can need repair or replacement, as well as the overlying masonry work.

Other causes of brick issues are thermal expansion or weather-related damage. Regardless of the cause, at the first sign of cracks or changes in the masonry work in your home, call in a brick expert. Most issues can be repaired quickly if caught in the early stages. Waiting can lead to further damage to your home and more expensive repairs.

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