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4 Safety Benefits of Bollards

It is common to see bollards around many large facilities and on roadways, but beyond restricting vehicles, what safety benefit do these protective devices serve? Bollards are not just for schools, hospitals and roadways – they are offer safety benefits for many different purposes. Small businesses, public areas and many other spaces can reap safety rewards with the installation of bollards, including these four benefits:

  1. Keeping vehicles off sidewalks and walk areas. Whether on purpose or by accident, cars and trucks can veer onto pedestrian areas and pose safety risks. Bollards physically stop vehicles from entering pedestrian areas like parks, outdoor seating areas, walkways and bike lanes, reducing the chance of death or injury.
  2. Preventing parking. Parking can be difficult to find in urban areas, leading to drivers parking in areas that are not meant for vehicles. This can cause safety issues – bollards ensure drivers do not use a walking or biking area as a parking space.
  3. Block entrance to buildings. Bollards act as fencing to keep vehicles from accidentally or purposely crashing into a building. Whether it is terrorism or a runaway vehicle, bollards keep buildings and the people in them safe.
  4. Directing traffic. Bollards help maintain safe roadways and direct traffic where it needs to go. Bollards can alert drivers of lane edges, bike lanes, drop off areas and other safety concerns, directing them to a safe driving lane.

Bollards come in all shapes and sizes for various uses. Even small businesses and organizations can benefit from using bollards for safety. To learn more about the options for bollard installation and design, contact a metal fabricator that can create custom metal bollards for improving safety.

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