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Custom Metal Fabrication Craftsmen

While many people understand that metal fabrication companies fabricate steel stairs and railings, many people do not realize the other services that they provide.  These services include the repair and restoration of existing miscellaneous metal structures and products including, steel stairs and rails, as well as general welding services. 

In addition, there are a number of other products that the metal fabricator will fabricate and install including landings, metal platforms, ladders, lintels, bollards, canopies, awnings, trellises, storage racks, cages, cabinets, countertops, and various ornamental iron, aluminum and steel products.  In short, if it is made out of metal, then the metal fabricator’s craftsmen will be able to repair or build it. 

Craftsmen, working with steel and other metal products, use a variety of techniques to perform their craft, with many techniques being in use for centuries.  Although the basic techniques are centuries old, today’s custom  metal fabricators use a number of advanced technologies and tools to fabricate the products that they produce.   In addition, various advanced welding techniques are used to join metals together depending on the type of metal being used, with certified welders being used in most cases. 

Qualified metal fabricators will always use craftsmen, who are certified welders, to perform all welding tasks, as proper welding of metals is key the product being strong and meeting the design criteria.  Welder certification is based upon a series of theoretical and practical knowledge tests required in order to achieve certification.  In order for the finished product to be perfect, qualified craftsmen, who are also a certified welder, must perform the welds!

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