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3 Signs of an Aging Metal Staircase

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Do you have a commercial building with an older metal staircase? While metal staircases can last for decades when maintained, they will eventually need repairs, retrofits or replacement. Many metal staircases on commercial buildings are outside and exposed to the elements. When they begin to age, they can become a liability for your business and need repair to keep them safe for your employees, tenants and/or customers. Here are three signs your metal staircase is aging and in need of some TLC.

  1. Rust. Most metal staircases have a protective coating to prevent rust. However, as they age, this coating wears away and the metal is exposed. Spots of rust or corrosion are definite signs your staircase needs maintenance.
  2. Holes in stair treads. If rust does attack the metal, the stair treads are often the first to get holes through the metal. Treads are thinner metal, and the coating wears off quicker, making them susceptible to holes through the metal.
  3. Loose welds. If the railings or stair treads are loose, the welds may be losing their strength. This can become dangerous and prove to be a liability if someone falls or trips on your staircase.

Repair or Replacement?

If you see any of these signs of aging on your metal staircase, it is time to schedule an inspection. Contact a local metal fabricator that specializes in metal staircases for an inspection. They can help determine if you only need repairs and new coating for your staircase, or if a complete overhaul is the best option. It is a wise investment to prevent injuries that could be very costly if you are determined to be liable due to an unsafe staircase.

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