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Are Your Metal Stairs In Poor Repair?

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Metal stairways are an excellent investment for commercial properties, offering durability and longevity over many other stair material types. Still, even steel staircases will eventually deteriorate due to heavy use and exposure to moisture. Once steps, railings or stair braces become worn, they are a serious hazard and potential liability for property owners. Undergoing repair or restoration of problem areas can prevent the need for expensive replacement of metal staircases. 

Risks Associated With Old Metal Stairs

Although metal stairs used in commercial construction can last for decades, they will need repairs as wear, corrosion and impact take their toll. Over the years, treads can become thin and corroded, railings can become loose and the underlying structure can become weak. Once these problems start, they will only worsen over time, creating higher risks both those who use the stairs and to the property owner in the form of liability. Poor maintenance can cause: 

  • Trips and falls on corroded treads
  • Cuts and injuries from sharp edges
  • Falling hazards
  • Dangers related to staircase collapse 

Repair Or Restore?

If you are a property manager or own commercial property with metal staircases, maintaining these stairs is important to reduce liability risks. If you are able to perform regular maintenance, you can repair small issues before they become expensive problems. An experienced metal staircase fabricating and welding company can offer repairs for small issues, as well as restoring metal stairs which have been allowed to deteriorate beyond only small repairs. 

Taking care of minor metal stair repairs, or even larger restoration of metal stairs, can prevent major liability issues and legal costs. In addition, these repairs can extend the life of the stairs and delay the need for expensive complete replacement.

Posted on behalf of LCG Welding, LLC

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