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Cleaning and Maintaining Outdoor Metal Staircases

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One of the advantages of metal staircases is the low maintenance required. Even when used outdoors, metal staircases withstand the elements and can last for decades. But low maintenance does not mean no maintenance – to extend the life of your stairs you need to keep them clean and repaired. Here are some simple cleaning and maintenance tips that should be done periodically on your outdoor metal staircases.

Clean Away Dirt and Debris

Accumulated dirt and debris can cause wear on the coating and paint protecting the metal structure of your staircase. Most metal stairs can be easily cleaned with a hose and soft scrub brush or with a low-pressure power washing. This can remove mildew, dirt and other debris, keeping your staircases clean for appearance and to protect against wear.

Inspect Rails, Treads and Supports

Check your staircase for any signs of loose welds or components. Even a slight wiggle or loose bolt should be repaired right away. Repairs to a loose railing or tread can be quickly accomplished and can reduce safety issues, delaying any further deterioration.

Look for Bare Metal

If you find any areas where the paint or coating has worn away, leaving bare metal, it is time for more coating. Metal will rust and quickly deteriorate without protection. Contact a local metal staircase fabricator that offers on-site recoating to restore the protective shield. Your staircase will look like new again and be ready to last for many more years.

Metal staircases are simple to maintain and clean but do need occasional repairs and upkeep. Stay on top of needed repairs and maintenance to make your staircase last for many years.

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