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Do Your Metal Stairs Need Repair, Restoration or Replacement?

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Metal staircases are popular for commercial use. Due to their durability and affordability, many commercial building owners prefer metal for their staircases both for exterior and interior use. However, even metal can corrode and deteriorate over time. If you own or manage a commercial property with aging metal staircases, you need to stay on top of maintenance on these stairs to avoid costly injuries or accidents. So if your metal staircases are showing signs of corrosion, should you repair, restore or replace your stairs?

Metal Stair Repair

If you inspect your staircases and there are only a few signs of rust or corrosion, repair may be all you need. Isolated areas can be repaired without the need for a complete overhaul on your entire staircase. Repairs can be made on a rusted or loose tread or railing to keep the stairs safe.

Metal Stair Restoration

If your entire staircase is beginning to show signs of rust and corrosion, a full restoration may be needed. In restoration, rust can be removed, welds repaired and the stairs can be recoated to look like new again.

Metal Stair Replacement

In some cases, the extent of corrosion may be too far gone for restoration. If the stairs have already undergone restoration or there has been a lack of maintenance, there may be too much damage to the structure to safely repair. In this scenario, a full replacement may be needed.

To determine the best solution for your metal stair maintenance and service, call your local metal stair contractor. They can inspect your metal stairs and offer a solution for repair, restoration or replacement.

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