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Extend the Life of Your Metal Staircase

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Metal staircases are a wise investment for commercial properties, offering durability for heavy use. However, both indoor and outdoor metal stairs do wear out from exposure and heavy traffic. Avoid untimely replacement by restoring your metal staircase. A quick overhaul can add many years to the life of your staircase, protecting your investment.

Restoring Metal Staircases

Metal can withstand plenty of abuse from weather, chemicals and weight, but it will eventually corrode and weaken. Metal fatigue can occur in treads and support structures on your staircase; coatings can wear thin and expose the metal to rust and corrosion. Restoration can fix these issues and extend the life of your staircase.

Metal stair restoration starts with fixing structural issues. All elements of the staircase need to be inspected and repaired when needed. Treads that have worn thin from metal fatigue should be replaced. Railings that have become loose may need new welds to strengthen the structure. Once all the small issues have been addressed and repaired, you will need to add new protection to the surface.

Recoating the staircase can protect the metal and make your structure look like new again. Primer, coating and new paint can add the layers of protection needed to keep rust and corrosion at bay. Once completed, you can look forward to many more years of use before you need a complete staircase replacement.

For metal staircase restoration, only trust an experienced metal fabricator that specializes in commercial metal work. Considering the amount of use and abuse your staircases withstand, you want to ensure the best techniques and products are used in your restoration for long-lasting results.

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