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Importance of Maintenance and Repairs for Outdoor Metal Staircases

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One of the reasons metal staircases are popular for commercial buildings is their longevity. A quality metal staircase can last for decades, making it a wise investment for apartment buildings, industrial warehouses and other businesses. While metal is durable, it does corrode over time, especially when exposed to the outdoor elements. Maintenance can help keep metal staircases safe and extend the life of the structure.

Routine Maintenance for Metal Staircases

Quality outdoor metal staircases are painted or coated to protect the metal from rust and corrosion. Over time, this protective covering can wear off. The best way to protect the paint and stairway is to keep it clean. Pressure washing away dirt and debris can help reduce wear and tear.

In addition to regular cleaning, metal staircases will need new paint or coating every few years. When the coating wears through and the metal is exposed, rust will occur. Keeping the protective coating updated can help reduce wear and tear.

Professional Metal Repairs

Eventually metal staircases will need repairs. Treads, railings and welds may become weak, creating safety hazards. Inspections of the staircases should be made routinely to check for loose railings, rust and holes in the metal. Repairs can be made by metal fabricators that specialize in metal staircases, repairing or replacing components as needed. Metal stair restoration can extend the life of a staircase, delaying replacement.

Metal staircases are low maintenance, but they do still need some routine care. Keeping outdoor metal staircases clean and coated can prevent premature wear and tear. When repairs are needed, find an experienced metal fabricator that can replace and repair the components to maintain a safe stairway for your building.

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