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Metal is an extremely durable and a strong material as long as it is properly maintained, especially when it is subject to heavy use, impact, weather and chemicals, all of which can cause deterioration.  One of the most dangerous things that can be found on any commercial, industrial, educational or residential structure is a metal staircase, handrail or guardrail where this deterioration has occurred.  Often this deterioration includes such things as corrosion, cracked or broken welds.  Other potential damage includes impact damage, wear and fatigue, which can lead to failures in the treads, railings and supporting structure. Obviously this is an extremely dangerous situation, with the possibility of severe injury or death, if not corrected. 

The process for repairing steel stairs is relatively straightforward.  It is recommended that any property owner use an experienced metal stair repair company to periodically inspect their metal stairs, metal guardrails and metal handrails.  It is critical that the stair repair company use certified welders to make any minor corrections on the spot and that they be experienced in working with all sorts of metals and just not steel as the welding techniques and equipment are different.  In addition to being experienced, the company should be licensed and insured as well. 

In some cases if the experienced craftsman performing the inspection and repairs may notice something out of the ordinary and a structural engineer may need to be consulted to recommend the repair.  An example of this would be when the anchors securing to the stair to the wall are pulling away from the structure or an obvious structural failure, other than a broken weld, of a supporting component.  An engineer should be consulted to provide guidance on what to do. 

In most cases the inspection and the repairs can be done quickly and economically by a qualified welding company that specializes in metal stair repairs!

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